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Friday, April 4, 2008

New Free Miniature Printable Rugs

Happy Spring,

I've just added a new printable to download. It is a page with nine carpets, each carpet is two inches by three inches which makes them quarter scale carpets measuring to scale as 8 x 12 feet.
Half scale carpets would measure 4 x 6 feet or for one twelfth scale carpets 2 x 4 feet. You could probably enlarge them in a print program too.

I'm offering the same carpet in nine different colours. You could also use them for wrapping paper or for other ideas like bedspreads etc. I would love to hear your ideas. I like to print carpets on white flocked paper, silk, cotton or use an iron on transfer and iron them onto suede like fabric.
Here is the link to download the file.
I'm working on a new book of the month for April, hope to have it ready soon.

Cheers, Jean


  1. How can we download any of the free printables if we do not have the password.

  2. Hi Pam,
    There is no password necessary. Just click on the link and download. Cheers, Jean

  3. pamdux is right, we need a password.

  4. Thank you so much for pointing this out, I had changed it and it was working without a password but they seem to have made changes. I spent ages trying to change it again yesterday but there was so where to change it now so I will have to phone 4shared on Monday.
    Cheers, Jean

  5. I think I have solved the problem now. Thank you again, Cheers, Jean


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