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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miniaturists from Victoria B.C.

I have always loved living in Victoria B.C., especially because I have some wonderful friends here, who are very talented and interested in miniatures too!

Shirley Rose has made an entire town called Rosetown. She has made over seventeen stores and the most beautiful homes. You can see the shops under the Shops link. It is amazing, she designed all the buildings herself and has finished them with the most wonderful landscaping and interior details. There is a library, shops, artist studio, meat market, candy shop, just to name a few. As well as having Shirley for a friend, I had the good fortune, when I was a porcelain doll maker, to be commissioned by Shirley to make many of the dolls for her houses and stores. You can see many of my porcelain dolls in the photos above, she was always coming up with a challenge for me. She is always so excited and passionate about what she is working on and does amazing miniatures as you can see from her web site. I think you would love to see Rosetown and all her other
wonderful projects. Here is her web site.

Another very talented miniaturist from Victoria is Lesley Shepherd, not only does she make amazing plants and kits, she is a botanist and designs gardens as well. You can visit her web site at Lesley's Garden. She is the guide of the Miniatures at About.com web site and also has an About blog. She designs terrific printables and always has some interest project on the go. Recently it was a tiny chick and woven Easter basket, so adorable.

Johannes Landman is also from Victoria, we used to be in a sketch group together and he is always so quick to share any tips about making minis and painting. If you haven't seen him at the big shows you might enjoy seeing his paintings. I have the good fortune of owning a couple of his miniature paintings and they have exquisite detail. You can see a description of his painting through the IGMA web site.


  1. An entire town??? I feel quite a sense of accomplishment if I can get one little cottage half-way completed! This is fabulous. Thank you for sharing.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  2. What a wonderful collection.
    Thanks for sharing..
    Mini Hugs

  3. Wow, I love this. Everything is better in miniature. Reminds me of my childhood doll house. I really need to start collecting miniatures once again!
    Off to your links to check things out.

  4. Je vous remercie pour votre lien vers A Heart in Provence, j'en suis très flattée.
    Je me suis permise de vous citer dans ma rubrique "My readers"


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