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Friday, March 20, 2009

Coastal Miniatures, Tidal Pool Mini Homes

We have spent the last few days at a resort on the coast of Vancouver Island. I have lived by the sea most of my life and currently live across the street from a beautiful beach, tan sand and wonderful sunrises but it is such a treat to stay at a resort up on Vancouver Island in Parksville because the tides go out for what seems like a mile and it leaves the most amazing tidal pools. When I was young I would spend hours at the beach across from our house that had a large rocky area with the most amazing tidal pools. These were filled with tiny crustaceans, shells, crabs and other tiny fish. I can't help thinking of them as miniature housing for crabs and sea life. I took so many photos, every grouping of shells seemed to be arranged so perfectly. You can see a photo of my husband John taking a video. John and I always wear our gumboots and feel like kids playing in the sand. I really like the very faint hint of a rainbow in the first photo, sea life is better than a pot of gold. It was wonderful to take my computer with me and look at blogs, so great to keep up with what everyone is doing.


  1. Great photo's Jean. Love the Rainbow one..

  2. Oh Jean, so glad to see your post. Now I see why you are gone so long, you are on holiday!! You know I have always wanted to live by the sea too and if I ever visit Canada, I want to see the 1000 Islands or is that even possible.

  3. Wonderful photos, Jean!! You have an award over on my blog :) Mini hugs, Marsha

  4. It`s wonderful to see your pics from Vancouver Island. Me and my family visit Vancouver and Victoria in 2004. I love the place. To bad it is such a long flight. We would love to come back some day:)


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