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Monday, March 2, 2009

Oak Bay Farmhouse Bathroom

After being totally inspired by so many of the wonderful dollhouse photos on the miniature blogs, I became motivated to spend some time in my houses, up until 2:30 the other night moving things around. Of course the next day I realized the two mini girls would probably rather be in the other house, this will go on for a while I think because I'm having so much fun. It was about twenty years ago John and I built the two houses. John did more of the building, I did the all the interiors and decorating. Both of my houses represent the late 1800's early 1900's, my grandparent's era, so it has always interested me. This house is called The Oak Bay. I have never put photos of my dollhouses up on my web site so I thought I would do it here on my blog. I made the bathroom set of porcelain, the bottles I turned on the lathe, two of the other containers and vases are glass and the other talc and other fragrance boxes I made using computer graphics. The mother has just recently spent time washing the linens and hung them over the tub to dry. If you click on the images they will open up larger.


  1. I am glad you post these pictures, Jean, they are amazing work. I was admiring your bottles and that porcelain bathroom set, wow! How do you work with porcelain? Oh boy so much to learn..Thank you, and I will be back for more pictures of your house.

  2. Hi Jean, Your dollhouse is wonderful. Keep showing more. I love to see peoples houses. Your bathroom is perfect. Mini hugs!

  3. Love the shelving unit. The basin is again very up to the minute. Just goes to show that everything comes back into fashion. Love it

  4. Lovely shelves full with pretty things. I like the wallpaper in bathrooms at least in dolls house.Will you show us something more? mini hugs

  5. I love those bottles. That entire shelf is just so perfect! Please show us more when you can. I can't wait to see other rooms from the houses. :-)

  6. Hi Jean, It is really an honor to be included in your Mini Blog section. I have seen all you have made and it is really amazing. Congratulations !!!. I hope you do not mind that I also added you to my blog.

    One big hug from Madrid


  7. Very pretty, Jean. Show us more of your dollhouse please.

  8. this bathroom looks so cosy, We have the same floor in our new houses bathroom, and the same old bath!
    I especially like the little shelves with the perfume bottles on it!
    Such pretty work:)

  9. The bath you still have me divine!!!
    You cashed in him to such a small space and I remain really nice. The rack a small luxury.
    A kiss.

  10. This is beautiful--what a wonderful, feminine bathroom. I'll have to refer to this when we get Joanna's house built.


  11. Beautiful Bathroom

  12. I love the shelves!! This is the first time that I viist you and I want to explore yor blog more calmy.
    So I am a new follower...See you soon :-)
    Mini Hugs from Barcelona (Spain)

  13. Hi Jean,

    I love those photos! Your toiletries and bottles look so exquisite! You are so talented!

    Thanks for leaving me a nice comment on my blog! I'm glad the profiteroles tower arrived in good shape and you like it! :)

    Pei Li

  14. Jean, Its a pleasure to look at your photos... the bathroom is just a dream!!! And the shelving module is what I would like to have on my one.


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