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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Holiday Season printable and Blog Award

To celebrate this wonderful Holiday Season I have scanned in four Children's books and a post card from my collection. They are in their original condition from the end of the 1800's. The post card is from 1908 and came in a lovely album of postcards. The scans of each set of the books should print out in one twelfth scale and quarter scale. I have scanned both sides of the postcard for you to glue together. The postcard says Dear Cousin, I am coming home Sun. to stay all night. Wish you a Merry Xmas, With Love Freida
You just know whoever received the card was delighted.

I wanted to also thank Maria from http://marivigano.blogspot.com for her lovely new award. called "Este blog e un sonho" or "This Blog Is a Dream Blog" award, which I have shown on the left side of my blog. I now have to in turn, send it to 10 blogs that I love and admire. I love all of your blogs for so many reasons so this is always so difficult.
Julie Campbell from Bella Belle Dolls blog
Rosanna from La Casa Rosa blog
Debie Lyons from Piskies and Poppets
Debbie from Tiny Treasures
Marlies from Marlies en Minies
Marsha from Sassy Mini Dolls
Doreen from Doreen's Miniatures and Memories
Joanna from Joanna Thomas Art Dolls
Meli from Casitas de Meli
Christine from Dandelion Fair DollHouse

I really could go on and on because I love reading all the blogs so much and this really doesn't seem quite fair at all to stop here, I was just getting going!!!!

I am so delighted to see Debbie from Tiny Treasures blogging again after such a difficult time and Linda Carswell from Une Petite Folie as well. So difficult when health issues arise. I wish them all the very best.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and fabulous New Year,
thanks for always being here in this wonderful blog world,
Mini Hugs, Jean


  1. Thank you so much for the 'well wishes' Jean...so thoughtful!

    Plus, another thank you for the wonderful 'printies'...you know these will come in very handy.

    I'll also take this chance to wish you and your family a "Very Happy Christmas" and best wishes for a wonderful 2010.

  2. Jean firstly thank you for the Get Well Wishes. You and the rest of my Mini friends have certainly kept my spirits up at a very worrying time for me and my family. I'm glad to say I'm on the mend.
    Thank you for the award and thank you for sharing your lovely printies with us all yet again.. xxx

  3. Hello Jean,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful printies and for the "This Blog Is a Dream Blog" award.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


  4. Jean, the printies are wonderful! Thank you and a very warm welcome back to blogland! Have a great Xmas in case you take a short hiatus again. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the prinatbels

  6. Thank you Jean, they are lovely and they shall be put to good use immediately.And thank you for the award Hugs Rosanna

  7. Thank you Jean for these wonderful prinies sharing with us!

    You are the best!

  8. Thank you Jean for the printies! This is the first year of decorating my dollhouse for the holidays- I have very little so far so these are very much appreciated! I hope your holidays are wonderful ♥

  9. Linda, Thank you so much for Christmas and New Year best wishes, the same to you and your family.

    Debbie, So pleased you are up and about, in spirit too. I'm very happy you like the printies.

    Marsha, I'm glad you found your award. Just after I put up the blog we lost our internet access for the day and so I wasn't able to let everyone know right way. Thank you also for the blog award translation.

    Sans, LOL, you are right I won't be able to post again until probably after Christmas, long vacation, Thank you.

    You are very welcome Eva, Rosanna Sabiha and Kim, I'm so glad you can use them!

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  10. Thank you Jean for the award :0)
    The xmas printables are wonderful, I always get very excited when you have a new printable, its lovely to see you are blogging again :0)
    julie xxx

  11. Thank you so much Jean for the special printies, you have made my season more merry. :)

  12. Jean - thank you so much for thinking of me. It means so much. I take it that you will be going away for Christmas and that is why you are giving your wishes now?? If that is the case, then I certainly wish you all the best and thank you also for sharing those books and post card.

  13. You have a very nice blog and make a wonderful minis.
    A greeting.

  14. Thank you, very already I I saved it, both books as a postcard, are precious. Carmen hugs

  15. Thank you so much Jean for the blog award! I really appreciate it and am honoured you thought of me to pass it too!
    Your tiny print out books are a real treat! I can't wait to try them out!

  16. thanks for sharing with us these printable I've made and they came out of beautiful books
    a kiss from italy and many good wishes a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  17. I wish you that you pass a Merry Christmas and a good year in company of your queridos.Un beings hug very strong Carmen

  18. Hello Jean, how are you? you've spent good holidays?
    I went from your blog to wish you a happy New Year!


  19. Gracias por compartir estas maravillas

  20. Thank you for the beautiful printies Jean, and congratulations on receiving such a well-deserved award for your lovely blog. Sandie

  21. Hi Jean,
    Found you via Pinterest.
    Thank you for the free printables !!
    I am a new follower.



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