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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've been designing more digitals for Etsy

I've been having a great time scanning and designing digital collage sheets that I sell on Etsy.

Since I have a tremor that has been bothering me more as I'm getting older, sad to say, LOL, I'm finding real pleasure with designing on the computer. I have such fabulous vintage images from my antique books and postcards. It is wonderful to find a way to share them. These make great gift cards, good for scrapbooking and other art crafts. The top image was from the cover of my French antique book La Maison De Lili that I have also made into a miniature book. The bottom two images are from an antique children's shaped book called Jumbo, I love them so much. The lady's holding the young girl are my photo shop art collages, very fun.  Hugs, Jean


  1. I like these pictures very much. There is always something very endearing about vintage prints on children :). I have a children's picture book on vintage shops that I love dearly :). These pictures remind me of the book .

  2. Hi Sans, I'm so pleased you like them. I love vintage children's illustrations too, they really show happiness and simplicity of childhood. I would love to see your books, too bad you live so far away! Mini Hugs, Jean

  3. So sweet.I love the soft colours and the details. Obviously my favourite is the one with the dolls house. Have a nice day, Rosanna

  4. Hi Rosanna, Thank you very much, that is my favorite too! Happy Mini...ing, Hugs, Jean

  5. You know I love these Jean- especially the one with the children and the garden plants. Your collage is wonderful- you should make more of those! Beautiful work!! I love how you've framed out the top with the flora and so your eye is drawn to the lady and little girl ♥

  6. Hi Kim, What a lovely thing to say, thank you, I am hoping to make more. Collages are so much fun.
    Mini Hugs, Jean

  7. These are so nice! Great color and amazing feel.

    Thank you for sharing! I will share with my friends.


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