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Monday, October 10, 2011

Georgia Murray and Tony Day (my son's) Last week on Cover Me Canada!

Here is the song the producers of the show chose for Georgia and her band this week before the judges voted them off the show.

Thank you everyone who watched their videos for your support the last four weeks.

It was really difficult for me to watch members of my family and other band members being voted off the show. It has been such an interesting experience for them and probably has helped fix in their minds the exact direction they want their careers to go. Since Tony is a producer, I do think they already know what they want, this just was not the venue for them to express themselves. Georgia is such an amazing singer, writer and performer.

I have enjoyed other reality shows and I usually agree with the judges but not with this show.  Many of their comments about the various bands have sounded like they were not talking about the live performance at all. This is very strange... and wouldn't happen on America's Got Talent for example. Ron Fair mentioned Georgia had an attitude? I didn't see this in her performance. I understood the team of judges were going to be encouraging to all the bands but they really haven't; far more criticism than effort to motivate the singers.  Every band is unique in their own way and this uniqueness should be encouraged. The songs the show chooses for each band should enhance the singers and bands to bring out the best talent imaginable for each group. One of the judges sounded surprised to hear Warren Dean Flandez rapping.... very creative and what I thought the show was supposed to be about. If a group has come this far to be on the show, they already know what genre they prefer and there are a lot of Canadian covers to choose from that better reflect each of the band's various styles.

I loved Georgia's version of this song, although I had never heard the song before; each of the songs the other bands sang were very familiar. Please listen to Georgia's performance of  "Home for a Rest" by Spirit of the West. Georgia was very gracious at being eliminated, in spite of the fact the song they chose for Georgia really sounded like she was going to be sent home....

Hugs, Jean

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