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Friday, March 30, 2012

Free printable Spring Card

Here is a lovely Spring gift card I though you might enjoy from the late 1920's. I thought it was so pretty. You could use it for one of your crafts, scrapbooking, miniatures, collages etc. or as a gift card to someone.The actual size of the card is nearly six inches in width. Just click on the card and a larger card will open in a new widow for you to right click and save.

On the back is the loveliest written message and one of the reasons I love collecting old gift cards, it is like a peek into other's lives.

"Dearest Mommie and Girls,

"This is one Easter we are away from you but thinking of you anyway. Daddy bought Joy a little wooden bunny wagon with Easter eggs and she was delighted with Grandma & Auntie's chocolate pig and basket of eggs. Daddy also brought home a beautiful red tulip plant with 4 nice blossoms on it for me. It stands on the buffet and reflects in the mirror and is so lovely."

Hugs, Jean

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