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Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is a Steampunk setting I designed in Polyvore, really fun to do and great ideas for minis.

How to Style a Black Chandelier

Vintage butterfly necklace
120 CAD - etsy.com

Magis Proust
1,090 CAD - madeindesign.co.uk

Lille Tin Wall Clock
135 CAD - barnlightelectric.com

Wood Top Tea Table
1,025 CAD - belleescape.com

Large Wooden French Clock
855 CAD - belleescape.com

Traits de Plume Wall Clock with Bird
65 CAD - homedecorators.com

Threshold One Bell Alarm Clock
17 CAD - target.com

Authentic Models French Trunk - Ivory
790 CAD - occa-home.co.uk


  1. Hi Jean! This is so very interesting and it looks to me like a High End glossy book jacket from a prestigious interior design publication. What a fun way to gather and compile images! You are really good at this and I am so impressed!


  2. Wow..can I say wow! on the armchair! That is one of those where you buy the chair and design the house around it ;)

    Great collection!

  3. I say WOW too (sorry for being boring ;)), because I think this picture would be a stunning miniature scene! Fantastic work, Jean!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Hi Elizabeth ,Jane and Ilona,

    Thank you so much for your very flattering and very kind comments. Polyvore is so much fun, I enjoy doing the fashion sets too, lots of variety and it really does remind me of miniatures. Hugs, Jean


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