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Monday, June 9, 2014

34 years of designing miniatures and still going!

As I'm getting older time seems to go so much faster and I am becoming much more nostalgic. It is so hard to believe I have been making and selling miniatures full time since 1980 after teaching Art in Jr. High. I would like to write a few blogs of how my miniature business started and evolved more for myself as a journal or record but if you don't mind a bit of reading you might enjoy it too.

The first show where I sold miniatures was at a Christmas craft show when I was pregnant with Alex my youngest son who is now 32, see how time flies!! I used a bunch of large round metal 8mm film canisters. I put a pin cushion on the bottom area and a miniature scene in the top. I made a sewing room, kitchen, baby's room, and a few others that sold well, so I was on my way. We then found that the miniature shop in Victoria was for sale Alex was so small he couldn't talk but thought all the tiny things were great. We bought it, moved everything to a room in our business and I called my business Daydream Miniatures because my last name is Day and it was all a dream. We had a room in our basement where I sold the miniatures by appointment and I also had made a miniature catalog. It was so difficult to make a miniature full line catalog. In those days, nothing was digital. I had to take black and white photos of everything and have the catalog printed. I then put an ad in a miniature magazine and hoped someone was interested. My first show was the local Hobby Rockhound and Stamp show in 1984, shown below. Mom used to take me each year to the Hobby show when I was younger so I was very pleased to be in it myself. I had a very large display with all of the houses John and had built and other kits we were selling. John worked very hard making room boxes and house designs to sell and I finished them inside. I also started fimo and handcrafted miniatures to sell as well. You can see a photo above of our house kits and my roombox of miniatures.

My first miniature show was in Vancouver with the Vancouver miniature club in 1984, since there were other dealers selling full line miniatures they wanted me to sell only my handcrafted miniatures. I had started dressing tiny plastic dolls and took fimo items and tiny pottery that a close friend of mine had made. John made a wonderful open toy shop for me to sell my miniatures. If you look closely at the top photo in the lower right hand corner you can see a room box my old son Tony made of a music room filled with photos and albums. I wish I could find a better photo of it, he did a great job.  It had a dance floor inspired by Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" when he first did his Moon Walk. There is also a container of mini wax by my receipt book that I think is the one I'm still using.

I was so pleased with the reception my minis received and knew then that I was going in the right direction. It was difficult when I first start making miniatures because I wanted to try to make everything that was large small!!!. Life had become so exciting for miniature inspiration.


  1. A fantastic story about growing up big in mini! Its wonderful to know you will have the passion for minis and have had them for years past.

    I always wonder where I might end up in this hobby, with life so busy with my 7 year old and trying to grow my miniature avenues, its good to see someone has been through it and has succeeded in keeping and growing this great hobby.

  2. It's surely cause for celebration when an artistic interest turn into a lifetime of creating! What a nice story, Jean. May you have many more years of miniature fun!

  3. Hi Jean! This post of yours makes me feel nostalgic too! I do recall some of those little doll's house dolls so beautifully displayed! I have enjoyed looking at your table set ups too!... Please tell us more! :D


  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely story about your life in miniatures with us, Jean =)! I hope to see more of this story and of course, the pictures :D!
    Congratulations for being in the miniature world, for sharing with us your beautiful miniatures on your blog and I wish you'll be here for more years!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  5. Happy Anniversary! How time flies. I remember those pre-computer layout days. That was work... layout paper, cut and paste... You had to think then. ha!

  6. Thank you so much everyone, you are each so kind with your best wishes and encouragement...I will to have more installments soon. I hope you are each enjoying your own miniature worlds and wish you each the very best. Hugs, Jean

  7. Hi Jane of Mini Fanaticus Blog, always so lovely to see you and thank you very much about my passion. I have had my ups and downs as any business grows, when we moved in 1998 I wasn't sure I would continue but then I found the passion again designing minis digitally. Following your heart is the best advice I can give. You do such beautiful work. Hugs, Jean

  8. To Mary Ann Potter from The Starcatcher Blog. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I have the feeling I will and happy creating and enjoying your country life to you. Mini Hugs, Jean

  9. Hi Elizabeth of Studio E blog. Going through each of my old photos reminds me of meeting you and loving your miniatures so much, especially the mini house you did that I loved so much. Thank you for your encouragement! Mini Hugs, Jean

  10. Hi Ilona of Mini Mum Loon blog, how kind of you to say! I really enjoy your creativity and blog. Mini Hugs, Jean

  11. Hi Christine from Candid Canine Blog. Thank you very much for your congratulations. You are so right, no digital cameras and sometimes I would forget to take photos completely. So worldly and wonderful now. Thank you for visiting. Mini Hugs, Jean


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