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Sunday, June 15, 2014

34 Years of Designing Minis continued with the early 1980's

The upper photo shows one of my first roomboxes of a Weaving Studio I made in the early 1980's when I had left weaving and started miniatures. I did this in a wonderful class at Diane's Dollhouse miniature shop that had recently opened in Victoria. The instructor taught us how to make the room box which had glass on the front and two sides and how to finish the flooring and the surface of the box top and base. We then decorated the inside with a theme of our choice. I enjoyed making miniature weavings for the tapestry and pillow, all of the baskets except 2, pottery, table, looms, seat, swift, shuttle, carders, drop spindle etc. I also bought a Dremel lathe at the time to make the spinning wheels which were both reproductions of my own spinning wheel. I also spun some very fine wool to hang on the wall and put in the largest basket in skeins.

In the three photos below the Weaving Studio you can see more of the plastic dolls I made for a show in 1985, I always had so much fun turning the plastic dolls into little people. I had a fascination with dolls and had joined our local doll club and then miniature club. At this time Cabbage Patch dolls became popular after they were first introduced in 1983. I made my youngest son who was about 3 yrs a turquoise and navy jogging suit and made one for a Cabbage Patch Doll as well and they both won a Cabbage Patch look alike contest, he had chubby cheeks at the time. That was exciting for both of us. You can see some of my miniature versions of the Cabbage Patch doll, also fairies which I have always loved. There is also a moth shown in the left of the bottom  photo. I was also making fimo teddies and bunnies etc at this time for the shows. It was fun to use the half scale baby cribs and playpens for them.

Next I would like to talk about how I went from plastic dolls to starting a miniature porcelain doll business.


  1. I am really enjoying your posts about your miniatures past. I love the weaving studio. I look forward to the next post.


  2. Really charming settings, the details are amazing! Thank you for sharing them.

  3. I love your little cabbage patch dolls I cant believe you made them yourself :)

  4. Hi Jean! The weaving studio is absolutely fantastic work.
    I enjoy reading your blog posts about your miniature past, thank you for sharing :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Hi Jean! I love the weaving studio that you show here and what a treat to have collected so many wonderful little items to fill it up with; I adore those kind of details.
    I recall that it was all the rage, during the 80's, for large, full- wall, fabric art to adorn many high-powered, corporate offices and lobbies and it seemed that they could be found nearly everywhere. Then just as quickly, the tide changed, and those mammoth tapestries seemed to just disappear.
    Your miniature wall-hanging reminds me of the style from back then. The natural color of the wool and the free-form of the designs which is all very nostalgic.

  6. 12Create... Sharee of Myrtle Manor Miniatures blog, thank you so much for your very encouraging words, they me so much to me. Hugs, Jean

  7. Hi Philip of Through a Small Window Blog, what wonderful stories you tell on your blog! Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  8. Hi Marisa of Steinworks Blog, Thank you very much about my Cabbage Patch style dolls, I used plastic dolls and cut off their heads and replaced it with a fimo head I painted to look like a Cabbage Patch and then dressed them. I did the same with the Raggety dolls too. Thanks for visiting, you are very creative. Mini Hugs, Jean

  9. Hi Ilona of Mini Mum Loon, thank you so much for visiting, I'm so pleased you are enjoying your visits. I do have so many room boxes and houses I have never shown on line so I thought this was one way to do it very slowly. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Mini Hugs, Jean

  10. Hi Elizabeth, old friend, LOL, of Studio E Blog. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your kind comment. I did make everything except the lamp, chair and 2 baskets, I really enjoy the creativity of trying to figure out how to make things as I know you do too with your inventions on your blog. Making things is so much fun. That was the style of weaving then and I used to be one of those weavers who sold large tapestries and I taught too, weaving does seem to be making a come back as are so many other crafts... minis are so much fun. Mini Hugs, Jean

  11. I wonder if I have 2 of your darling little dolls, which I bought at the Vancouver miniature show back in the 1980's here in Vancouver BC!!!! I will see if I have a photo of one of them. I just love those 2 little dolls and they live in my miniature house I made in 2001. What a small world it is. I looked at your blog by following the link from you Etsy shop!


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