Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Quarter Scale 1:48 Laser Kits, A Mini Miniature Show Mar.19-22 with over 75 dealers

 This is my most recent kit addition to my 1:48 scale roundtable kits "Spring Bunny Accessory kit" and mega kit I have available at Shelly's show that starts March 19th to the 22 and has over 75 fabulous dealers. I've had a chance to have a look at each of their offerings and they are amazing.

I hope you will all join us, there are door prizes too. The roundtable kits, mega kits and workshop pages are now open to the public from links at the top of the show home page but the show opens late on the 18th.
I will also be offering 10% discount on our kits from our website during the show which is in Canadian funds so that is a significant savings to our US customers because of the exchange rate making the discount about 30% combined savings.

Here are more of my 1:48 roundtable laser cut and engraved kits that will be offered for $5.00 as roundtable kits at the show.

This Quarter Scale French Country Sofa that matches my chair is a Mega Roundtable kit at the show for $12.00.

Hope you enjoy the show!!

Hugs, Jean

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alexander Day, An Accomplished Magician, our son's new book Advanced Card Sleights on Amazon.


Alexander Day, an accomplished magician

Alexander, our son, has been selling magic tricks and cards through his website since 2002 and on eBay since 2003. He is always so modest about his talent and accomplishments.  He has recently written a wonderful, beautifully illustrated magic sleights book under his real name of Alexander Day which to can see below that he is selling through Amazon and his website

 Before that time and until the closing of the shop he sold his original tricks through Tony's Trick and Joke Shop which was later called Murray's Trick and Joke shop when Murray Hatfield took it over after Tony Eng sadly passed away in 2008. Alexander enjoyed and appreciated working in the shop for 16 years, every day he would demonstrate all of the tricks and cards tricks sold in the shop as well as many card and coin tricks of his own, wowing the crowds surrounding him.

Tony Eng, a wonderful and famous magician from Victoria B.C., who owned the shop mentored Alex for many years on the art of card magic, insisting he read all of the great books of card magicians. Alex did many shows for children and adults in his teens and was very pleased to be chosen as a magician for Victoria's Totally Teen Talent show for two years. Later he participated in many magic shows but his first love has always been close up magic, either with coins or cards. He has created many magic tricks, card decks and designs his own covers with his artistic talent. Alexander's passion is magic and anyone seeing his card manipulations is in for a thrill.

I am very pleased to show you Alex's new book "Advanced Card Sleights" on  It includes 83 illustrations to accompany the various card sleights that he shows. You can purchase this book as a digital download on amazon. You can read Alexander's introduction to the book below the photos.

When Alex was young he was constantly tossing coins and cards. I used to find cards everywhere!!
In his teens he enjoyed busking and doing close up magic at the inner harbour.
Also in his teens he performed magic at the Mill Bay Festival, he looked very handsome.
This is an introduction to Alex's book.

"Looking back, it seems to me that I have been a magician for most of my life.  I've worked in a magic shop demonstrating close up magic on a daily basis for over 16 years. I grew up with many of the classic close up magic books such as; Expert at the Table, Arthur Bucklys' Card Control, Royal Road to Card Magic, Revolutionary Card Technique and many others. They each contain very good techniques but sometimes they are a bit hard to read and may not have as many illustrations as a student may like.

What I have done in this book is to compile many of these techniques along with many advanced techniques complete with simplified descriptions and more complete illustrations of my own.

This book may not be for beginning magicians who would benefit from more basic books, however, students with basic skills may find this beneficial to their advancement in card magic."

Thursday, December 25, 2014

SEASON"S GREETINGS, my 2 free projects, Ribbon Bows & Bow Makers

Hi Everyone, The best of this wonderful season to everyone! I wrote these projects for the AIM Advent Calendar which is so fabulous this year, so I thought I would make them available here! Please click on the pages to view them larger for reading. You can have a look at all of the contributions of the 2014 Advent Calendar through the doors here.

I would like to thank Sally Watson who is the editor, the editorial team and each of the contributors for all of their hard work and generosity in making the AIM Advent Calendar possible. Special thanks to Bea Broadwood for starting the AIM magazine years ago. If you haven't looked at the archives you are in for a surprise and it is all free.

Love & Hugs, Jean

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stay in your PJ's and enjoy Shelly's Wonders in Miniature online Show, ends Nov. 2.. New Kits too!

The Wonders in Miniature Show started last evening and continues until Nov.2.

Here is my link in the show. You will find so many terrific dealers offering seasonal and other miniatures. There are roundtables and workshops too. I am offering the Quarter Scale 1:48 Gingerbread Christmas on shelf kit as a roundtable kit for $6.50 and the Twelfth Scale 1:12 "12 Birds of Christmas" hang on the wall Advent Calendar as a workshop for $18.00. I'm also offering my 3 Halloween kits 1:48 for $5.00 each as roundtables. On our website we are offering 20% off Christmas Books in 2 scales and all of our kits.
Please come visit the Wonders in Miniature Show.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My new Laser Cutter has taken over my life!!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer or winter if you live down under!  We were very busy and I'm so sorry I have neglected my blog. We went on a terrific family reunion to Saskatoon Saskatchewan and it was awesome. I met up with so many second cousins that I had only met before through Ancestry and facebook!

Memories of my 34 yrs of minis for this blog has really taken a back seat to my new laser cutter that we picked up around the middle of June. I have had so much fun with it and it works with Corel Draw that I have been using since I first started digital miniature designing so that has been a bonus.

The first photo shows our son's French Bulldog, Artie who we have the privilege of looking after quite often. He is standing in front of the laser cutter and always rushes into the room when it is working.The next photos show some of the Quarter Scale designs I have done with the laser cutter that I am selling through our website, Etsy and eBay. I have also added photos to my tutorial blog to accompany some of the directions.

I have been working for the last few week on fireplaces and Halloween Accessories sets with the laser cutter, so that has been really fun! It is so wonderful experimenting and seeing what the machine can do.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Thursday, July 3, 2014

34 yrs of Designing Miniatures, Porcelain Doll Making 1985 to 1988 Continued.

These photos were some of the dolls I made for shows I attended in 1985 to 1988. I was so lucky because we would only have one miniature show in Victoria but in Vancouver they used to have to a year and I was fortunate that in Vancouver in 1986 Expo was on at the same time that the doll and mini shows took place. We got to go to Expo with our son's 3 times that year. I was most impressed with the new computerized screens to find your way around Expo that we bought our first computer that year. My dolls did very well at the shows and I was selling to good friends as well as miniaturists and I would come home with lots of orders too. I felt so blessed with everyone's interest.

When I was going through some files I came across a small recipe card from about 1984 with a map I had made of each of the steps I would need to take to become a porcelain doll artist. I started with my goal and worked backwards, 1. find an outlet for porcelain (found Seeley), 2. order molds (found reproduction doll molds that I had always admired since I was in the doll club with collectors of antique dolls) 3. find china painting supplies (took a course in china painting too (that helped with my shiny eyebrows, lol), 4. learn how to pour and clean the porcelain (books from the library). 5. find books on historical fashion, loved this part and I started a wonderful library of antique doll and costuming books. I already had a kiln that I was using for pottery and wind chimes for craft shows.  It worked quite well setting up certain goals. I used to make my own clothes and designed clothes when I was a weaver so the pattern drafting I found fun too. All aspects of the doll making really appealed to me, especially painting tiny eyelashes and eyes.

I was really inspired by my mother who always enjoyed making figurines ( she made her own molds for plaster castings too... when I was little I loved the smell of plaster which came in handy when I started to make my own molds).  I was always so impressed with the way mom painted their beautiful eyes. She used to do very small knitting too for my dolls and she always said her favorite doll when she was young, was one the fitted into a tiny pill box.

Above left were my very first dolls, I used to take orders at shows for dolls but the first one I made was always the most exciting. It was so exciting to open the kiln when is was cooled down to see how everything turned out, I loved the way porcelain vitrifies and gets smaller and solid and can get such a wonderful sheen and softness wen sanded once fired. It was really enjoyable dressing the antique Brus, Jumeaus, Mein Leibling, Twerps, Pouties etc and to look up actual historical costumes, buy silks and antique laces to dress them in authentic looking costumes. At that time I also sold straw hats, I would buy old straw hats and take them apart to use the straw and I enjoyed crocheting them as well. Next time I hope to show showing the houses and room boxes we made.


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