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Friday, April 18, 2008

Photos of our Studio

I always love seeing other designer's studios so I thought I would show some photos of mine. John and I share the space and it works really well. It is a beautiful area with lots of natural light. The doors and windows shown above look out into our two storey atrium that has a built in water feature, many plants, large sky light and two balconies, it is a bright interesting space. On the end of the room that you can't see is a kitchenette, display cases, loveseat, TV and fireplace. We actually seem to live in this room, that we share with our two cats.

Cheers, Jean

More Free Miniature Printable Rugs

Happy Friday,

I have just added nine more free printable rugs to my 4shared file.
Please click here to download images

I've been organizing lately and it feels really good. Whenever I'm in a slump I usually organize. It has the wonderful effect of looking great after wards and I find things I had forgotten about that often are motivating. I moved around tables so I have more workspace and covered one work table with a new blue and yellow table cover. I placed two very colourful orange and yellow begonias on the table. Very inspiring! Creativity never really disappears, it just hides out in different environments sometimes and has to be rediscovered!!

We offer weekly specials on our web site with 33% off selected miniatures in various scales.

Cheers, Jean

Saturday, April 12, 2008

April's Book of the Month and Newborn Kit

This week I finished my new Miniature Book of the Month for April called Funny Animals. I have it offered at half price for April through my eBay store and website. I reproduced this mini book in one twelfth scale from my Victorian original ABC book published in 1906, it has the most delightful illustrations.

The "new" newborn fabric kit was designed as a smaller version of the toddler kit you can see in a previous blog. The shelf and books are not included. I loved designing this kit to use scallops, polka dots and stripes in my favorite pink and white. This set could also be adapted to dress a very tiny miniatures baby.

Cheers for now, Jean

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Freebie Rugs and the Victoria Miniature Show

Here I am, selling at the Victoria B.C. miniature show. Photos above include Sue Vining's micro, 1/144 scale house and greenhouse and Jane's Crofton's Pet Clinic

We had a wonderful time taking part in the Victoria B.C. miniature show yesterday put on by Victoria's Small Endeavours Miniature Club. John and I had a terrific time at the show and there were so many wonderful sale tables and exhibits. I ran into so many friends I hadn't seen in a long time. Lesley Shepherd of Leslie's Garden http://www.lesleysgarden.ca/ was at a table beside me, she is so much fun to chat with and is also the guide for for About.com miniatures. She makes terrific plants with such detail and as a guide is always comining up with terrific miniature ideas and projects. I loved all the exhibits but kept going back to look at Sue Vining's excellent landscaping for her micro, 1/144 scale houses and greenhouse. You can see how Sue made all the very tiny plants in a tutorial she has created here, so interesting!
The club exhibited many stores that they had been working on for the last couple of years. I wish I had a photo of all of them but I didn't have my good close up camera with me so just had a few photos turn out. Jane Crofton made the most wonderful pet store and clinic, showing many of her sweet felted dogs.
I have added more rug freebies to my link mentioned in the previous blog. Click here for the link, the password is jdayfree1 In Quarter Connection message group (great group for quarter scale information) Jennifer Elliott mentioned printing out the rugs on various papers. She has given me permission to mention her information here.
"I printed the rugs that Jean Day was so kind to add as a free-bee to her blog (thanks Jean) onto the fuzzy paper, I used white and it gave bright colours and less detail, I also used beige and it gave a very detailed crisp look with an antique kind of feel and I used photo fabric and it gave a light very detailed look, so you can also get different looks from the material that you use. I use an ink jet printer, I was advised not to use a laser printer because the fuzzy would ruin the printer. " Jennifer makes beautiful miniatures and sells on eBay, I love all felted minis and sells as Jenny Wrenn Miniatures http://www.picturetrail.com/jennywrenminiatures
Cheers, Jean
Please check out our weekly specials. http://jdayminis.com/

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Free Miniature Printable Rugs

Happy Spring,

I've just added a new printable to download. It is a page with nine carpets, each carpet is two inches by three inches which makes them quarter scale carpets measuring to scale as 8 x 12 feet.
Half scale carpets would measure 4 x 6 feet or for one twelfth scale carpets 2 x 4 feet. You could probably enlarge them in a print program too.

I'm offering the same carpet in nine different colours. You could also use them for wrapping paper or for other ideas like bedspreads etc. I would love to hear your ideas. I like to print carpets on white flocked paper, silk, cotton or use an iron on transfer and iron them onto suede like fabric.
Here is the link to download the file.
I'm working on a new book of the month for April, hope to have it ready soon.

Cheers, Jean


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