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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, Scrapbooking for Halloween too!

I've been having so much fun creating scrapbooking pages using commercial papers and my digital downloads of altered art I have been making that I enjoy selling on Etsy. I've been doing digital scrapbooking for a number of years but I hadn't tried real scrapbooking very much until a dear friend of mine invited me over with a small group to do scrapbooking at her house. The first week we made a gift card. This time we did Halloween themed scrapbooking so I bought these small backing papers. It was a wonderful time and she showed us many of the techniques she had learned on line and through experimenting. It is really nice to use old lace I've had for a long time and bits of odds and ends to make these pages. Everyone in the group supplied things. The pages are not the traditional size but just 6" x 6". I really like working in this size (closer to miniature) and hope to attach the pages together, probably with a hole punch and ring or I could make covers from the heavy board which might be more interesting.

The background papers were from a company called Authentique  http://www.authentiquepaper.com
The pad of 48 papers was called "Glowing".  The diamond paper went with my diamonds I added to the background of my altered art witch. Also found the damask paper went perfectly with the damask table cloth of my Mad Hatter altered art. The Mad Hatter was from an antique 1863 photo. I did not change the table cloth but just lightened it up a bit. I thought the table cloth was an amazing design for 1863. The music background also was funl with the haunted houses, I can just hear the music that would be coming from them...

For some of the small signs I used a paper from a Martha Stewart Halloween collection. The wonderful ribbons were supplied by my friend who had so many things for us to use. All of the papers are printed on the backside as well so it means I could add more scraps to the back of the papers too.

I reduced the sizes of my digital downloads for this project from over 5" to about 3" in height and printed them on glossy inkjet photo paper. I first tried the watercolor paper on the laser printer but because of all the dark colours I found that the colour was rubbing off and white was starting to show through. The photo paper worked fabulously.

Have a wonderful Halloween, Hugs, Jean

Friday, October 21, 2011

Georgia Murray, My Son's Partner, "Cover Me Canada" invited her back for last episode!!

Georgia Murray and the other eliminated singers from Cover Me Canada have been invited back for the final episode of Cover Me Canada on Sunday CBC 9:00 in November sometime. Looking forward to looking after Artie if Georgia decides to go.

I didn't mention before that Georgia has a new EP out and available through their web site http://georgiamurray.net

The above photo is Artie, their French Bulldog, listening to Georgia on the phone when they were competing in the show. He loved it when I played her videos too. He seems to be a natural music lover!!

Here is a sample from Georgia's new EP, I love it!! Sounds reminiscent of the 50's!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Georgia Murray, Tony Day & band meeting John Mann on Cover Me Canada Set.

I was very excited to see Georgia, Tony and their band in this video of their visit with John Mann from the band Spirit of the West. They had a short visit with him last week as he explained how his song "Home for a Rest" was inspired. Very good story and so funny!

Cover Me Canada was a good show last night and I enjoyed all the performers but really missed Georgia Murray and her band performing. They have tremendous energy! It was also sad to see another band being removed from the show but there will be a winner!

This video is Jordan Knight, one of the judges on Cover Me Canada as he answers questions he has been asked about the show. With his years on stage he has been good at giving advice. Pleased to hear that Georgia surprised him on the show with his suggestion to up her style or as Jordan would say she "flipped her steelo".

Hugs, Jean

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free Offer to the 500 th follower on my Blog!

Since I have 499 followers, as of this blog post, I would like to offer a free Victorian Lady in a Presentation Box kit to the 500 th follower of my blog, if they would like one. If my 500 th follower would please email me your address, we will send out the kit as soon as possible!! I still remember when I had 3 followers of this blog for the longest time and Debbie Wright suggested I bite the bullet and add the gadget for followers, I'm pleased she did! Thank you so much to everyone who is a follower, I have enjoyed looking at all of your blogs, if I can find them through your link.  Mini Hugs, Jean

Georgia Murray's Thank you!

A short thank you from Georgia Murray that she posted on Youtube. You can see our son Tony and Artie too. I would like to also thank everyone who supported Georgia by looking at her youtube and voting for her to keep her on the show. You are the best!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Georgia Murray and Tony Day (my son's) "Silver Lining" on Cover Me Canada!

Georgia singing Sunglasses at Night 

Aside from the very obvious benefits for Georgia and her band being chosen to be on a Nation wide show, when reviewing Georgia's elimination on TV again and in particular the comments that were made by the judges, I found something I had overlooked.

Ron Fair said to Georgia "Who are you... Georgia and Kytami or are you Edith Piaf? and in and earlier comment he mention being like Mick Jagar and Keith Richards. I took these as compliments for Georgia.

Since I've always tried to be a positive person, I got to thinking that most likely Ron really thought about what he was going to say to Georgia for quite some time. What a great choice... I've always been a fan of Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards! Edith Piaf is my favorite singer of all time!! If you have not seen the movie "La Vie En Rose" you really must!!! What a tremendous voice and I remember mentioning to Georgia years ago that Georgia reminded me of her in the way Edith loved to sing for the sake of singing and so soulful...what a soulful crooner, very much like Georgia!! What a choice.... of course I hope she continues to be the Georgia we love!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Georgia Murray and Tony Day (my son's) Last week on Cover Me Canada!

Here is the song the producers of the show chose for Georgia and her band this week before the judges voted them off the show.

Thank you everyone who watched their videos for your support the last four weeks.

It was really difficult for me to watch members of my family and other band members being voted off the show. It has been such an interesting experience for them and probably has helped fix in their minds the exact direction they want their careers to go. Since Tony is a producer, I do think they already know what they want, this just was not the venue for them to express themselves. Georgia is such an amazing singer, writer and performer.

I have enjoyed other reality shows and I usually agree with the judges but not with this show.  Many of their comments about the various bands have sounded like they were not talking about the live performance at all. This is very strange... and wouldn't happen on America's Got Talent for example. Ron Fair mentioned Georgia had an attitude? I didn't see this in her performance. I understood the team of judges were going to be encouraging to all the bands but they really haven't; far more criticism than effort to motivate the singers.  Every band is unique in their own way and this uniqueness should be encouraged. The songs the show chooses for each band should enhance the singers and bands to bring out the best talent imaginable for each group. One of the judges sounded surprised to hear Warren Dean Flandez rapping.... very creative and what I thought the show was supposed to be about. If a group has come this far to be on the show, they already know what genre they prefer and there are a lot of Canadian covers to choose from that better reflect each of the band's various styles.

I loved Georgia's version of this song, although I had never heard the song before; each of the songs the other bands sang were very familiar. Please listen to Georgia's performance of  "Home for a Rest" by Spirit of the West. Georgia was very gracious at being eliminated, in spite of the fact the song they chose for Georgia really sounded like she was going to be sent home....

Hugs, Jean

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Georgia Murray and Tony Day (my son) "Cover Me Canada" week 3 TV Immunity Yeah!!!!


Thank you so much to those of you who watched Georgia's video last week. She won immunity for this week, which is so awesome!! Georgia and her band performed Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" and they were so fabulous. Georgia sported a new hair style and upped he game with a very cool dress.
Georgia actually got to talk to Corey Hart on the computer and he says he will be watching! Our son Tony actually had his hat off tonight.
So.... we get to have Artie, their one year old French Bulldog, staying with us longer, yeah. They are really missing him. We love taking him for walks to the beach, except he ate seaweed today! It might be healthy except for all the added sand, but that might be just added roughage. He lays down  under my blanket while we watch TV. He is such a sweetheart. Our cat's noses are a bit out of joint...  they are very old and quite set in their ways but they do seem to be tolerating him.

Hugs, Jean


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