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Friday, February 22, 2008

Wow, I did it!

That was easy! Just thought it would be fun to have a blog spot where I could add free miniature printables and talk about what's new.

Our web site http://jdayminis.com/ has some printables and projects as well. My latest interest has been a book of the month. Each month I hope to list one new book at half price for the month only. Very excited about reproducing my favorite children's books that have been sitting in my collectible room getting dusty. February's miniature book of the month at the special half price is shown above called Make Believe Men and Women.

Lately I have designed a new Valentine Loveseat Kit, it is heart shaped and very romantic. I also designed a new toddler fabric panel kit, Precious Pink. I am showing it on a Heidi Ott doll but it can also be hung in a miniature dollhouse bedroom. Another kit I had fun with was a dress for a dollhouse girl doll called Julia Visits Paris, I did line drawings of the Eiffel Tower, poodles, etc combined with images from my antique French postcard book. January's book of the month was also French, La Maison de Lilie, reproduced from my beautiful Victorian french children's book about a young girl and her doll house.

Cheers, Jean


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