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Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Printable Spring Cards, miniature ones too.

Here are two more free Spring printables from the late 1920's. The Birthday card is so sweet, with the little bird dropped the young girl a note.

I really liked the Pussy Willow branches and house images on the lower card. Just click on the images and right click to save. The actual size of the Birthday card is 3.9" in width and the Easter Card is 6.44" in width. Hope you enjoy.

Free printable Spring Card

Here is a lovely Spring gift card I though you might enjoy from the late 1920's. I thought it was so pretty. You could use it for one of your crafts, scrapbooking, miniatures, collages etc. or as a gift card to someone.The actual size of the card is nearly six inches in width. Just click on the card and a larger card will open in a new widow for you to right click and save.

On the back is the loveliest written message and one of the reasons I love collecting old gift cards, it is like a peek into other's lives.

"Dearest Mommie and Girls,

"This is one Easter we are away from you but thinking of you anyway. Daddy bought Joy a little wooden bunny wagon with Easter eggs and she was delighted with Grandma & Auntie's chocolate pig and basket of eggs. Daddy also brought home a beautiful red tulip plant with 4 nice blossoms on it for me. It stands on the buffet and reflects in the mirror and is so lovely."

Hugs, Jean

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini Miniature Show starts March 9, New Marigold Garden Lady in Presentation Box Kit

Active Show Link with over 100 dealers here http://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/index.html

Below you can see two of my brand new quarter scale kits. The upper one are Victorian Rose Curtains and the lower kit is a Victorian Rose Double bed kit. If you are interested in either of these kits of the original Victorian Rose Quarter Scale kits shown on the bottom please find them either on my web site, eBay or Etsy.


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