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Monday, November 13, 2017

Wonders in Miniature Show ends November 14, 2017!


The Wonders in Miniatures Show presents the November Miniature Show. Sit in the comfort of your own home and order through a variety of fabulous artisan's show pages in all scales. Online Only, Free admission too. There are door prizes as well. Hope to see you there. Mini Hugs, Jean

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New 1:48 Retro Christmas Paper Laser Cut Kits or 1:12 scale Christmas tree decor

These quarter scale retro 1:48 or quarter scale Christmas kits will be available on our website and Etsy soon. I hate to cause anyone undue stress with tiny pieces flying everywhere before Christmas but I just couldn't resist designing extremely tiny laser cut paper designs. I was really happy with the reindeer, so small, yet all of their detail shows up. I need to fix the trains before I sell them because they do not hold together well yet. The 2 kits on the left are on lighter papers and have lace designs while the 2 kits on the right are on heavier paper that can be easily coloured with felt pens or watercolours etc.

I am hoping to use textured snow or sparkles on the background design in the lower right and attach some of the pieces to that before putting it on a fire place. The doilies can be used stacked for trees, angels or cones too. The Merry Christmas sign is the same as the red and silver one we used in the 50's and later. The ornaments are very 50's and later too. I hope to have more photos before Christmas of them in a scene. Happy Holiday Season to everyone!!

PS    The very talented miniaturist, Elizabeth from Studio E http://studioeminiatures.blogspot.ca/
has just suggested that these could be used to one twelfth scale Christmas Decorations and she is so right!! I'm so pleased she mentioned it. The reindeer would be about 5" in real life and the trees and nutcracker would be 3 to 4" in height etc. Great idea, thanks Elizabeth.


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