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Friday, September 14, 2018

What happened to the Summer?? Yikes

Where did the summer go! I just realized I didn't blog in July or August!! I hope you all had wonderful summers or winters depending on where you live.

We were away for a couple of weeks up in Parksville on Vancouver Island and that was fantastic, such beautiful weather.

Redecorating with new floors, furniture and now counter tops in the kitchen took a bit of time moving everything. I love our new linen look so much!
We enjoyed our season's pass to Butchart Gardens and went for picnic lunches about 12 times, so gorgeous and good for the soul. We are so lucky to live so close. I kept working and designing in between so I guess that is where the summer went!! I do love Autumn!

Above you can see 2 new quarter scale laser cut Reading Nook kits I will be selling soon on Etsy and our website, need directions though. They were so much fun, love choosing trims from my vintage stash and printing the silk with designs.

I'm showing the photo above from 46 years ago when John and I were married. It also shows my folks and John's. We just celebrated our 46 anniversary Sunday. We had a lovely dinner and movie. We went to Mama Mia Here We Go Again. I loved it so much, the music is extraordinary.

The new album shown above has just been released by my son Tony Day and Daughter in Love, Gerogia Murray aka LIINKS. It is so exciting and soulful!! It is called Ridge Road and can be listened to on so many music hosting sites such as Spotify and other places. You can buy it on iTunes too. We are so proud of them. Georgia is such a fabulous singer and Tony does the wonderful music and is a producer. They write music for Universal Music Publishing Group.

Well, that is it for today. Oh, yesterday I started making laser cut roses and had a great time.
Mini Hugs, Jean


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