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Monday, August 10, 2009

Photo Challenge

I was sent a photo challenge by Sandra Morris of Tales from a Toy Maker Sandra is always up to something interesting. Apparently I had to go to my photo files and pick file number 4 and then photo number 4, publish it here and explain a bit about the photo. It was really quite fun to see what photo would come up. The photo turned out to be 20090710_4. I took the photo in our back yard in July because I love the translucent look of the poppy petals, they were amazing this year.

Now the second part of my challenge is to pass it on to 4 other blogs to see what photos they choose. I would love all the bloggers to do this challenge but I'm only to pick 4.

I would like send this photo challenge to the following 4 bloggers.
Kat from Little Thoughts from an Average Mind
Kim from Flowers and Art
Linda from Une Petite Folie
Cathy from The Fabulous Farmhouse

When I just looked at this photo enlarged I could see our cat Slippers in the photo, she really blended in well. She is getting older and is such a dear. Therefore I have another challenge for anyone looking at the photo to find Slippers!!!

Mini Hugs, Jean


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