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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swimming into the Past and Paddle Fest at Willows Beach

 This is my most recent photomontage of a photo I took at a beach near our house with antique French Postcard images applied and altered. I loved making this image. Every time I walk along beaches I wish I could actually see what went on years ago.

Here is a photo from the Paddle Fest that was happening at our beach this morning. I enjoyed taking so many photos because the kayaks were so colourful. My oldest son enjoys suping which is what the people are doing in the water standing up, it is a great sport. I have kayaked a couple of times and loved it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Passions

I hope everyone is having a great summer. My eBay has been shut down for a summer break but I'm still enjoying my Etsy shop and website so that has given me more time to play!! I've been doing a lot of macro photography with my Cannon 60 mm lens and thanks to an enthusiastic customer on Etsy I felt a renewed interested in fairies at the same time. Funny how a few passions can come together and suddenly I was having so much fun creating new photomontage digital downloads for Etsy. Etsy now has instant downloads which are so much faster than waiting for me to send images.

John and I went out to Butchart Gardens two days in a row and I really enjoy taking photos. The lighting was perfect. The first and third images I created in Photoshop using the photos for the backgrounds. For the second image I used a macro photo of thyme in our garden and a macro bee photo. All of the images were from my antique French postcards. The middle images were from a Bon Marche trade card that I loved. The cherubs with the pig I colourized and the wings were from butterfly images I colourized. The last photomontage is a fairy family collecting bubbles, the middle is a very lucky image with cherubs holding a piggy that was good luck in France for New Years. The second image is fairy garden helpers in my garden.

Enjoy the beautiful weather if you are in the Northern hemisphere.

Hugs, Jean


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