JDayMinis, 1:48 & 1:12 Scale Minis, Laser Cut Designs too.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Felted Snowman Project

Making snowmen was my favorite activity when I was young, with all the snow we had in Regina Saskatchewan. Since I have lived in Victoria B.C. since I was nine years old, we rarely get snow here so, I haven't had a chance to make or even see real snowmen. This snowman is 6" in height. I thought it would be fun to try felting a snowman. I made the three balls by felting with hot soapy water in the washer and dryer. Then I felted them together with a felting tool. I cut out tiny bits of black wool felt for the coal button, smile and eyes. Extra felt was added by felting for the arms, cheeks and chin. A tiny roll of black wool was added for the nose.  Handspun wool for the hat with a blue roving added for variation of colour. Then I draped a piece of blue roving around the neck and felted it onto the body for a scarf. I really enjoyed the way the felting tool shaped the cheeks and chin. The hat has a felted pompom too. It was so much fun making this snowman and I didn't get cold!! Hugs, Jean

 Here is a photo of the felting tool I used to embellish the snowman with more wool, roving and wool. It has three barbed fine needles. You just press into the felt a bunch of times and it embellishes. It is by Clover, you can use the barbed needles individually for smaller projects of embellishing.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Studio Christmas Tree

We bought a small Christmas tree for our studio this year since we spend most of our life in here. I decorated it with odds and ends of jewelery, 100+ hoop bracelets and single earrings that I've collected for years for jewelery making, a pearl garland and an amazing garland that I bought at a craft show made of many tiny paper folded stars. Our mantel is a piece of drift wood where the cats enjoy sleeping and scratching. I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday season! Hugs, Jean

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making a Chenille Rag Rug

Here is a project I included in the November AIM magazine I thought you might like to try sometime. ♥Jean

Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Quarter Scale Printables

Here are free quarter scale printables that I included in the December Smaller Scales article AIM magazine for you to print out without printing the entire page from the magazine. I'm sorry it has to be low resolution. Click on the image and it will open in a new window for you to right click and save the jpg or print out directly.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Days

Happy Holidays from Jean, John and Artie our new Grandpuppy!

AIM Artisans in Miniature free Magazine is out for December

I'm very pleased to announce that December's AIM magazine is available for viewing below or to download. I was so pleased to write and format an article about AIM member Christine-Léa Frizoni's fabulous miniatures and book.
Le Grand Livre de la Maison Miniature
 Un Jour a la Campagne

I've also written an article about the wonderful poem "A Night Before Christmas" showing NBC books from my collection and AIM member's photos. There is also my regular Smaller Scales feature showing the latest seasonal minis in smaller scales. I've included two free quarter scale printables. There are so many great projects both in the magazine and the Advent Calendar.
I still haven't finished reading all the fabulous articles!

AIM Mag Issue 29 December 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Evening in Venice, Italy with Shop Windows

My friend Janine of http://missameliasminiatures.com/ and http://missameliasminiatures.blogspot.com  asked if I had taken any photos of shop windows when we were in Venice, Italy on our last trip. John and I had a wonderful time one evening walking around Venice,having a latte and looking in shops.The night was clear and great for photos. Thank you Janine for inspiring me to get the photos on my blog. You can click on the photos to view them larger or double click.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

AIM, Artisans in Miniature free on line Magazine

To view November's AIM magazine click here!

We have recently arrived home from a wonderful 16 day cruise to Europe and back across the Atlantic. What a terrific time! We visited Venice, Rome, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Monte Carlo and Barcelona again and the Azores. The weather was great, so many great sights. I hope to post photos of Venice shop windows that I took soon.

The new November AIM magazine is out, I hope you enjoy this great magazine too.  

AIM Mag Issue 28 November 2010


Friday, October 1, 2010

AIM, free Artisans in Miniature Magazine for October 2010 is out now!

This new October AIM Artisans in Miniature magazine is so exciting. I love Fairies, Magic and Fantasy. This magazine is packed full of fun projects, interesting articles and more. There were so many fabulous artisans who contributed their time writing projects, articles and photos to make this magazine one of my favorites! I hope you will be able to take the time to have a look at it. You do not have to download it to read it, just click on the link.   http://artisansinminiature.com
I am just thrilled to be part of putting this wonderful magazine together. It is always such a pleasure to format such amazing miniatures. Jean♥

AIM Mag Issue 27 October 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Steampunk Inspriation Board and September's AIM

For Septembers AIM, Artisan In Miniature, free on line magazine, I designed a Steampunk Inspiration board with antique and vintage images from my collection of antique books and magazines to accompany my article. Some of my favorite images were from a French card collection book and others from popular science monthlies from the 20s.
Also included is a photo of a Steam machine I took while visiting a Steam show. It was really fun to embellish it too.

AIM Magazine for September is out!! Ive been busier and happier than ever organizing some articles for it and formatting others. One article is about Steampunk, another is Smaller Scales where you can see many fabulous micro mini shops by Patricia Paul and Francesca Vernuccio, they are all spectacular. I also wrote an article about miniature Noahs Arks and there are fabulous examples by Patricia Paul, Linda Master and my own Noahs Ark kits and mini books. There are also some free miniature printable books at the end of the article.  

I am really sorry I have not been spending much time in blog land, Ive been getting acquainted with a new paint program and with an active mini business, life just goes so quickly, or maybe that is because I am getting old. My husband and I celebrated our 38th anniversary on Thursday!. Hope you are all enjoying life, I love to hear from you.! I like this new font but it does not make apostrophes!

AIM Mag Issue 26 September 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free printable Carpets or Rugs and Stacking Boxes

These are printable carpets and stacking blocks that I created and offered as free printables on my blog a few years ago. It has been brought to my attention that the link I had for these images on 4 shared site is no longer valid so I have removed it.
You can also click on the image and then right click save it to your computer.

Cheers, Jean

Sunday, August 1, 2010

AIM, Artisan in Miniature Magazine for August 2010 is out now!

Click here    http://www.artisansinminiature.com
In case you are wondering where I have been hiding, I have recently been delighted to be asked to be part of the editorial team of AIM, Artisans in Miniature, magazine. I've had  a wonderful time helping to format many of the articles with Vickie Guile's suggestions and excellent advise. John is involved with the team now as well. I'm so sorry I haven't had time, because of our mini business, formatting and minis, to keep up with viewing your blogs. This week I hope to get around to seeing many of your new additions to your blogs, it is always a delight and pleasure.

Bea says in her August editorial column about the new AIM magazine:
"AIM members have been busy over the summer, working hard to fill an unbelievable 145 pages with fabulous miniature content for you all to enjoy ‐ for FREE!

Now, fresh back after their summer break AIM members have taken a closer look at the ‘humble shop’ . So if you want to find out more about the talented house builder Malcolm Smith and his doll sculpting partner Silvia Lane, gaze at the stunning hardware shop brought to life by Catherine Davies or let Vicky Guile teach you how to make your very own traditional basket (in miniature of course); then look no

As you will see this August issue of the magazine is packed from cover to cover with interesting features, profiles, editorials and projects; covering every aspect of the dolls house hobby. What more could you wish for!?"

I've written an article for August AIM magazine, Smaller Scales about Quarter Scale shops, 1:48. I've featured my Chubby Cheek Toy Shop, Janet's Smith's scrumptious Shabby Chic Chocolate Shop and Bea Broadwood's two fabulous quarter scale shop kits. I have included a free printable of quarter scale toys and books in the magazine that you can print or download.

Debbie Wright's Tiny Treasures, is the guest Blog of the Month, I was so pleased to see this because Debbie is really a blogging Guru. "Paris Miniatures" fabulous new web site is featured in the Web of the Month article.

Betty Hagen, who I was delighted to see added my Steampunk photos to her miniature metalworking blog has included a wonderful Blueberry Pie article and Janet Smith blueberry pancakes in three scales.

I could go on and on but please have a look yourself, it is fabulous and free.

 Mini Hugs and Best Wishes for a wonderful August,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Steampunk Inventor's Room, some close up photos

 Here are some close up photos from the still unfinished Steampunk room. Two masks, a rollar periferal digitator, steamclock birds and bugs. Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments, I appreciate them so much. I've been also working on a quarter scale toy store for an article for AIM free on line mini magazine so I will look forward to getting back to this room soon.

More details from the right side of the desk, a tiny set of screw drivers and technical instruments.

Above is a photo of wind up fan and solar powered Steampunk tea caddy with a close up of the tea caddy. It automatically pours your tea and the teas are stored in the large box.

A photo showing the steamy effect in the ceiling.

A stand alone magnifier, crystal powered for amazing magnifications.

Thank you so much for having a look,
Mini Hugs, Jean♥

Friday, July 2, 2010

Steampunk Inventor's Room

I just thought I would give you a peak at the Steampunk room box I'm making. Year's ago I purchased two vintage microscope cabinets from a miniature friend who's husband had worked at the hospital where he found these, he also put in flooring and wall paper. All these years I wasn't able to think of scenes for them and suddenly Steampunk came along and my collecting life started to make more sense. I have loved all the Steampunk Art, images and miniatures and thought these two cases would work perfectly, one for an inventor's room and the other for a Steampunk fashion designer's room.

Years ago I found a large box of pocket watch parts in a jewelry store that was closing out and they have been wonderful for this room. I have made all the tools on the desk and wall from watch parts. It seems in all the years I've collected odds and ends for miniatures I have more brass and metal bits than anything else. These pieces have come in so handy for all the inventions that are in the cabinets.

In 1987 I was given a fabulous miniature Balloon etching from John Anthony Miller called "Around the World" when I joined NAME association. I thought it made a wonderful picture for behind the work table.

I've been having such a great time inventing miniatures for this scene too.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orchids in Barbados 2, Orchid Bridesmaids

Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments on my last blog. I have so many more photos of orchids I wanted to share. This photo above reminds me of a June wedding party with the bridesmaids and wedding guests talking! Orchids really would make great miniature  fairies and flower children, they have such character. The colours are so amazing. I hope you enjoy!  Jean♥

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Orchids in Barbados

It is Father's Day today in Canada, above you can see a photo of my wonderful husband John. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect partner and father for our two sons. These photos were taken on our cruise last year in Barbados. We visited Orchid World which has over 2,000 orchids and I think I took a photo of each variety. I thought you might enjoy having a look at a few of them, I tried to capture them with the light shining through the petals, it really makes glow. I've been thinking they would be wonderful photos for inspiration for watercolours. I love the little faces in the fourth photo. The third photo shows how some of the orchids were just attached to a wire fencing to get the moisture from just the air, found that interesting. It was very humid.


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