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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Too Connected, my apologies for the 20 or so blog posts I posted by mistake!!

Hi Everyone,

I would like to apologize to those of you who might have seen all of the blogs that I accidentally posted one day. It took me ages to find out why it happened. I've been enjoying designing in Polyvore and you can clip to Polyvore just like in Pinterest to make designs with the items you clip.

While designing in Polyvore that morning John noticed that certain clothing and jewelry items were going up in my Facebook page and I also found them in my Facebook business page as well. They took ages to delete and I immediately thought that they had come from the website where I had been saving them. I thought that there was something wrong with the website.

Later that evening I saw the images in my Rebelmouse site and wondered how on earth they got there. Then I looked at my blog and it was so embarrassing to realize each of the items I was saving was showing up as an individual blog.

It took me a while to figure everything out. The little box to share on the bottom of the page when you clip to Polyvore had finally started working!! I was to uncheck it to have items not be shared on my blog since I had shared previous blog posts related to miniatures. This is how it all worked.

1.I found items I wanted to use in Polyvore and clipped them to my Polyvore
2.Since I didn't have the share link clicked off, it posted each as a new blog post.
3.Because my blog is connected via Network blogs it posted each blog as a Facebook item in both my facebook accounts.
4. Since my blog is connected to Rebelmouse it put all the posts up there too.
5.Yikes, I just thought of my twitter account...haven't looked there yet. Oh my Goodness!!

I think I'm too connected, LOL. Not to people but to Social Networks.

All the very best to everyone. Hope I didn't offend too many followers.

Hugs, Jean

Update: Checked my twitter account and everything I posted on Polyvore and posted to Pinterest is showing up as a tweet!!! Sheee! Just deleted each of those and must get to the bottom of this connection too!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thrilled to have a Project & Article in July Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine & Shelly's On Line Mini Miniature Show Aug. 14 to 20

I was delighted and honored to be included in a wonderful Miniature Bookmakers article by Deb Weissler in the July 2013 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures. I'm included with 7 other fabulous bookmakers. For this issue I worked on and included a free printable project of a reproduction shaped book from my collection called Your Dolly. It is a little difficult to cut out all of the shapes but I thought readers might enjoy it having it in their miniature library.

From August 14 -20 we are pleased to be taking part in Shelly's fabulous Mini Miniature Show. Shelly has been doing this for a number of years and there are so many fabulous handcrafted miniatures for sale. The beauty of the show is that it is on line so you can shop for sales in the comfort of your living room.
Here is a link to my show table where I am offering 25% off all of my fabric kits.
You click on the dealer link in the top of the page and a drop down menu appears of scales or an alphabetical list of dealers. There are Roundtables and Workshops too.

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves whatever you are doing. Hugs, Jean

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My French Country pastel Bedroom on Polyvore, I'd love to make this in miniature!

A Sweet Pastel Bedroom

A Sweet Pastel Bedroom by jdayminis on Polyvore

I really think Polyvore is a great place to work out ideas for miniature scenes. The elements are not always cropped but they could be added to a sheet of ideas with colour swatches. They have lots of contests with so many themes for inspiration. Wonderful if you are thinking of decorating your own rooms for a new took as well. They do own the copyright for what you create however.

The theme for this room was a pastel bedroom. I love French Country style and have a board with over a thousand pins on Pinterest. (another of my addictions, LOL). My favorite look in French Country is all white but this contest was for pastels. You can also pin to Polyvore which is great. 

I have always loved fashion and wanted to be a fashion designer in High School but the University offering this was too far away... I haven't regretted being an Art teacher and studying Fine Arts, but is is so wonderful to create fashion layout designs too.

Classical White Rose-Marie Armoire
1,930 CAD - sweetpeaandwillow.com

Jonathan Charles Louis XV French Style Bed Silver
7,995 CAD - sweetpeaandwillow.com

Three Panel Folding Screen
1,640 CAD - belleescape.com

White French Chair
2,390 CAD - williams-sonoma.com


Dune Framed Stretched Canvas Art
735 CAD - zincdoor.com

9 Leg Side Table
625 CAD - highfashionhome.com

DOSA Medium African Basket
57 CAD - farfetch.com

Waterford Table Lamp, Kingsley
575 CAD - macys.com

Petit Château Embroidered Pillowcase
30 CAD - landofnod.com

Multiyork Durand Admiral Scatter Cushion
69 CAD - multiyork.co.uk

Raya Vase - 14.5"H - Gold
52 CAD - zgallerie.com

Floral Resin Wall Clock
78 CAD - laura-ashley.com.au

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sewing room of my Imagination designed in Polyvore, I'm really becoming addicted.

Sewing room of my Imagination

Corset dress
42 CAD - loveburlesque.com

Wunderkind floral dress
1,115 CAD - avenue32.com

Vintage dress
125 CAD - etsy.com

Globetrotter Antique Stripe Travel Trunk
620 CAD - alexanderandpearl.co.uk

Jayson Home Antique French Trunk
1,950 CAD - jaysonhome.com

Jayson Home Antique Mannequin with Stand
1,640 CAD - jaysonhome.com

Oly Studio Beverly Side Chair
1,595 CAD - zincdoor.com

Kingston Antique Map Walnut Desk Globe
95 CAD - lampsplus.com

Antique Basket
235 CAD - orientalfurniture.com

Stiffel Antique Old Bronze Table Lamp
270 CAD - lampsplus.com

Krista R Summer Memoir III
370 CAD - boticca.com


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