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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Mini Miniature Show, a terrific free online show starts March 17 to March 20

Very exciting news: Shelly's online "A Mini Miniature Show", starts tonight (10 pm mst USA) and goes through until Sunday evening. I love being part of this show, there are so many dealers, door prizes, roundtables and workshops. I am offering quite a few roundtables and have many new cotton laser laces and kits to offer on my show page. Since my prices at the show are in Canadian funds, that gives a 25% savings for US customers because of our exchange rate. Here is a link to the shows website. .http://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Free Printable of a Spring Song

I hope you enjoy this new free printable.I really loved this sweet image that was on the cover of one of my vintage needlework books. Just imaging getting a magazine with this image on the cover in the mail, so many must have been delighted. It is filled with such joy and I can just hear the birds chirping. Outside one day I heard so many birds chirping all at once, it was like a choir, really amazing.

We just got back from visiting my oldest son Tony and his partner Georgia in Huntington Beach LA. It was wonderful to see them again and our favorite granddog Artie. We really enjoyed the sunny weather and wonderful restaurants with so many Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian offerings. So different than when I started being Gluten Free about 28 years ago. They gave us such a wonderful time while we were there too!! Tony and Georgia are coming out with a new EP soon and produce their music under the name LIINKS, their song The Break was on radios across Canada last year. We are very happy and wish them loads of success.

I'm back to mini designing again and have been enjoying many new lace designs I hope to have finished soon. Shelly's show "A Mini Miniature Show" which is not so mini any more is coming soon  so be on the look out for that March 17 to March 20.

Happy Miniing or any other Creative Outlet you are into at this time!


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