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Friday, September 30, 2011

Georgia Murray and Tony Day (my son) week 2 TV show competitor, very exciting!!.

Hi Everyone, LAST DAY for this week...you must be tired of me but I am begging again. This is the last day to vote and look at Georgia Murray's, my son's partner and their band performing during last Sunday's TV show Cover Me Canada's performance on youtube. Your looking today might allow her to get immunity for this Sunday's show.  Thank you everyone, Jean

The video on the bottom is an acoustic version of the song that Tony taped one night in Toronto. I love it!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Georgia Murray and Tony Day (my son) TV show competitors, "Very Exciting News"!.

 Georgia Murray singing  "Up" on the TV show Cover Me Canada.

Georgia Murray, and my son Tony (D Whiz) were one of eight bands of over 3,000 bands that were chosen to compete on Cover Me Canada. John and I are so very proud of their achievements. The winner will win $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Canada. Pretty awesome so if you can vote and feel you want to, please do.

They have worked so hard on their music creating a very unique style. We really wish them the very best and respect all of their hard work. It must have been difficult to Georgia who loves Hip Hop and R&B to play Shania Twain's "Up". It couldn't have been farther away from her genre and comfort zone. I thought Georgia was fabulous and the rest of the band really ripped. 

Artie, their adorable French Bulldog is staying with us while they are in Toronto, we really enjoy his company so much. Artie is sending photos of his adventures with us each day to Tony and Georgia because he knows they miss him terribly. He saw geese the other day and has many people petting him. He went out past farms with pumpkins to a garden shop which he also enjoyed.

Their talented band includes the awesome violinist Kytami who wasn't scared to jump off part of the stage while performing!!
David Parfit on lead guitar with Jayme Langen bass guitar and Travis Nelson playing drums. Our son Tony is a producer and works the turntables.
This show is very different than other talent shows in that the judges have mentioned in their bios that they are interested in Creativity!!! To me uniqueness and creativity are really so important. The show and voting will also depend quite heavily on social media which seems really fair compared to when shows depended on multiple phone calls from viewers.
Tony and Georgia also released a 6 track EP called "Just a Dream" in June. 


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