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Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Quarter Scale 1:48 Kits for August

I hope you have all had a terrific summer or winter for those downunder!

I am sitting at my computer working on designs for new kits for October, talking to Alex, our son while he is packaging kits, John is sitting across from us working at his computer too, I suddenly realized I hadn't done a blog for August (or July)!!! Since it is the last day of August, I thought I would do a blog today. I am always so optimistic that I will have lots of time to look at everyone's blogs, do lots of blogging and many new designs, it just doesn't work out that way..

Sheee, it seems the older I get the more time flies and I really mean that!!!! However with the beautiful weather we have been having, I have to admit walking with John along the beach and along to waterfront to sit at the Marina or Oak Bay Beach Hotel for tea is a top priority. It is good for my health too and usually takes an hour of walking. I really enjoy cooking our gluten free, vegan meals too and have loved great vegan recipes from cookbooks such as Oh She Glows and Forks before Knives. There is a great documentary on vegetarian eating on Netflix too called Forks before Knives if you have every thought of becoming vegetarian it is very good.

Above are some quarter scale kits I designed for Quarter Connection Roundtables and Shelly's  Miniature Mini Show last month. I hope to have them up on our website soon and Etsy too. 


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