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Friday, March 6, 2009

Free Images, Vintage Labels 1:12 & 1:48 scale

These are four labels. Toilet Water, Balm, Crown Tooth Wash and Hair Tonic that I was sent when I purchased an old Witch Hazel brochure. Thought you might like them for a mini setting to add to cut down light brite pegs or bottles. I've also added images in a larger dpi to be reduced. You can just click on the smaller ones to print out directly.

Thank you so much for my blogs new followers! I just love looking at everyone's blogs, please click on the faces in the upper right corner of my blog to have a look at their wonderful blogs, so much variety.

Thank you so much to Karin Foster for her lovely, fabulous blog award, I was delighted! She has the blog Mini Ramblings and Musings Karin's blog takes you though the development of her Fine Sewing & Millinary Emporium. She has recently finished the outside and it is great! Can't wait to see more. Thanks Karin.


  1. Just discovered your blog and your miniatures are adorable. I had a HUGE dollhouse when I was a child (in Germany) filled with very old miniatures. Would love to have them now!

    We have moored on Victoria's marinas on many occasions. We just love it there and make lots of trips across from Anacortes, WA

    Will visit again....

  2. Jean there is an award for you on my blog if you would like to pick it up.

  3. There is an award waiting for you on my blog. Thank you for following is and thank you for that printables, I can use it for my barbershop.


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