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Friday, March 27, 2009

Oak Bay Farmhouse Girl's Room

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was fixing up my dollhouses and did a blog showing the bathroom in my Oak Bay dollhouse. Here is the room beside the bathroom which is the girl's bedroom. You can see the mother getting the baby, Flora, up and ready for the day, the older daughter, Rosie, is looking out the window to watch the birds in the trees.

I sculpted Rosie's face in porcelain and costumed her from a vintage photo. The lady and baby I poured using commercial molds, I attached the mother's hands to the baby and the babies limbs together at the greenware stage so the mother would be actually holding Flora. I also gave Flo a smile. I also made most of the other dolls, figurines and china painted plate.

The lovely doll in the basket was from a wonderful doll artist at a Chicago show one year and the porcelain sculpture of Jack and Jill on the shelf was by C. K. Uno. The lovely bed was made by Frank Preenie.

The books I've reproduced from my collection from the late 1800's and they are all filled with colored pictures the girls enjoy. Rosie loves fairies and being read fairy stories, so her mother made her a fairy theater on the left. Rosie loved helping to make the fairies. She also loves dolls and doll books. She enjoys drawing as best she can in her drawing book.

Since we made this house in the mid 80's the wallpaper has mellowed with age, I think I like it better now.


  1. What a beautiful room, Jean! It's so lovely.

    I have an award for you on my blog. You can pick if up anytime.

  2. This is a lovely room and it has everything in it that a little girl would love to have. I just love the way the mother is holding the baby.

  3. Hello Jean and thank you for
    following my blog.
    What a pretty doll with her baby!
    And I like all the beautiful things you make.I am also very
    envious of your working room -
    mine does never ever look that
    tidy, not even after cleaning!

  4. Oh Jean, I am in awe of all the lovely things in this room!! That bed..wow! And the bin (?) on yje floor right in front of the "nappy stand"? I especially love how the mother is bending over to put the baby in its crib. And you made that! :). I have the proximade award for you as well, Jean, just for being you.

  5. Jean, the room is so beautiful and full of lovely things!! Special mention to the mother and baby it's so tender.
    Kind regards,

  6. Hello Jean,what a beautiful girls room!There is so much to see..all the toys and girly things,and i also love the way how the mother is holding her child!


  7. This is lovely Jean. Thanks so much for sharing. I just love it all. I especially love the mom and baby. The position of the baby is wonderful. Mini hugs!

  8. Jean its beautiful. The Dolls have beautiful faces..

  9. Everything beautiful and the dolls are so nice. Mother and baby are so tender to each other. Truly lovely

  10. Hi Jean, another award for you. May be you are fed up with them but will you pick it up?

  11. Hello Jean,
    But that so nice room!!!
    I am charmed with it you since like you have put the breast with the baby in arms, it is very tender!!
    Congratulations, it is beautiful!!
    A greeting.

  12. Thank you so much everyone, you are all so kind to take the time to comment. I'm so pleased you liked the mother with Flora.

  13. Dear Jean,
    What a lovely room! But, more than that, what a lovely place you have made of your blog. I can't wait to see what you do next, lol.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  14. So happy to find you here Jean! I LOVE seeing your beautiful room and your dolls! I love the little girl peeking out the window! She is darling..!


  15. I love that room! Beautiful little bookshelf. All the little deatils make it so wonderful!

  16. The girl's room is very beautiful with all it's nice details, and I'm in awe over your fantastic dolls! Love the way the mother is holding and looking at her child.

    Thank you for following my blog so I found your work!

  17. Astonishingly beautiful room! I love the details of it so much and the dolls are just arodable.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. Especially coming from you it means a lot!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


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