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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Studio

I love to see people's workspace and I did a blog with a couple of photos of our studio last spring. It seems to be the time of year I enjoy fixing things up and trying to bring a bit of spring into the house. Really seems to help my creativity if I organize, find things I forgot I had etc. I didn't show the other sides of the studio so I thought I would add them today. We really enjoy this work space and seem to live in this room, it is also where we sit to watch TV. The second photo is one of my watercolours of a small part of our garden in the summer.


  1. So much room....and light. What a wonderful place to work.

    Isn't it lovely to work from home and
    not be a cubicle gopher.

  2. Gosh Jean what a fantastic room and so tidy..

  3. Color me envious, Jean. You have my dream studio space. Some day... :-)

  4. Does it stay that neat all the time???? What a wonderful bright area to work in with so many windows.

  5. Thank you everyone!

    Debbie and Doreen, I have just finished spring cleaning so it is not this clean all the time!! I can`t believe how one or two very tiny projects can usually cause such amazing chaos. I bring in huge stacks of reference books, papers, boxes and take supplies out. They end up all over the place on the floor and on every flat surface but it doesn`t take too much effort to get it organized again. I prefer it tidy... at least the photos will stay tidy.

    MiniKat, This was my someday dream too. My old workspace had everything out and in baskets, handy but my cockatiels even laid their eggs in one of the baskets.

    Tallulah, I agree, it is wonderful to work from home but I used to get quite lonely, the harder I worked the less I went out to visit people. It is great to be able to email and look at blogs on line.

  6. I love your workroom! It probably is how mine will look like if I convert my whole house into a work room :)

  7. What a nice space you have got there! I also have my workspace(office)at home,but is so small!I also use it for making my miniatures,and after it I always have to tidy it up...so I onley can dream about a space like that!
    And you have also a room for all the nice stuff you collecting,so much mini's...if I put all my mini's together it fits into a shoe box!

    Tomorow I will show you my space on my blog...I hope you will come and visit?


  8. Jean, my goodness what a incredible place to work!! Thanks for showing the photos.

  9. Oh Jean I dream of one like this. How wonderful. Mine is my kitchen and I can tell you all over it.
    Love love love this. Mini hugs!

  10. Oh Jean, it's Lovely! And clean! You really don't want to see my work spaces! I don't want to see my work spaces! LOL! Tools everywhere! We just put up a portable 10x20 workspace which should help! I hope! Maybe I can get a few of the projects out from underfoot! LOL! At least the tool box from in front of the TV! Oh my!This mini habit can be so overwhelming sometimes!

  11. Ohhh Jean!!!
    That I study so beautifully!!! It is enormous!! It has to be incredible to be employed at a site(place) this way, in addition arranged to the maximum!!! Congratulations for your study and thanks for putting the photo.

  12. WoW! realy great space!
    * marlies

  13. Thank you for sharing the workspace with us, it can get lonely working at home can't it, then I swear the daytime tv people are threatened to be fired if they don't talk all over each other. Daytime tv is not good company! The blogs are sure nice to see and wow a great way to stay in touch. I still get so excited to see more and more people that collect and create miniatures.


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