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Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Chick, "Not"

When my sister and I were going through mom's attic I was looking at my dad's very old golf case, one of those brown canvas ones from the 20's or 30's. I put my hand in the pocket and screamed, I really hadn't thought that what I was touching was this burst open golf ball. Apparently it is dangerous to burst open old golf balls because of gases but this must have happened naturally quite a few years ago. Donna thought it looked like an Easter egg and I agree! I have displayed it in front of a watercolour painting I did a while ago to try out new pencil crayons.

They are called Derwent Inktense pencil crayons that my friend Leslie from About.com was mentioning to me one day, she loves to find new and innovative supplies and tools. They are vibrant water soluble Ink pencils and much more intense than regular watercolours pencils. I mixed them with regular watercolour in the painting and they were really fun to use, the turquoise is one of the colours I used. They might work well for colouring silk ribbon and cotton fabric for miniatures too.


  1. Never seen ablown up golf ball. I'll tell hubby to pay attention eh eh eh. This one looks nice anyway

  2. That's a funny story Jean! As a kid we used to cut them open and watch all the action of the rubberbands! It was pretty cool! We never thought about it being dangerous!


  3. The golf ball does look fantastic in front of the painting. The textures have an interesting synergy.

    So glad is wasn't a mouse or something... ugh. The thought of you reaching in there and finding something still moving... or not moving... eek!

  4. I have Derwent Inktense pencils and have found when you combine them with fabric painted/wetted with Jo Sonjas textile medium you can paint the fabric.. I haven't experimented with the ratios of it yet but I thought it was worth mentioning :)

  5. Quick Jean, make a chick coming out of the golf ball !


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