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Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Images, French Book of Antiques 1:12 & 1:48

These free printable images I reproduced from an old French book about antiques printed in Paris in 1926. I was so fortunate to find a couple of these books in an old book store years ago and they are so inspiring for furniture and accessory ideas for quarter and twelfth scale miniatures. The bottom image should print out in one twelfth and quarter scale by clicking on the image and printing. If you would like more detail you can take the top image and reduce it in a print program. Under the labels on the right side of my blog is a link to more free printables.


  1. Thank you! this book will be
    perfect in my french house where
    I am going to have a flowershop
    on the first floor and antiquities
    on the second floor!

  2. Thank you, Jean, for sharing this. One day when I finally get around to making Tres Chic (my all things pink boutique) this book will find a place in there! :) Marsha

  3. Hi Eva, I'm so pleased you will be able to use it, thank you so much for letting me know. Looking forward to seeing your antiquities and flower shop, great combination!

  4. Thank you for sharing!
    * marlies

  5. Thanks again for sharing these with us Jean..

  6. Thanks for this Jean, anything French is always good!

  7. Jean, thank you so much for sharing this.

  8. Wauw,thank you Jean,what beautiful gift.I always can use this for my professor,thank you for sharing!

    Mini hugs,

  9. Many thanks for sharing this. The book will look nice in my shop!

  10. Thanks Jean! I have been making lots of little books lately! This will be a great addition!

  11. This is wonderful Jean, thanks!


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