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Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Images, French letter from 1845

I was thinking of reproducing my other French antique book from 1925 and inside I came across a reproduction of a letter in French written by Charles-Jean Avisseau, a ceramist from Tourangeau saying he refused to sell his reproductions by De Bernard Palissy to merchants of bric a brac , it was written in 1845. It was sent to Monsieur Alexandre, Valtimare 48 Rue, De Clichy, Paris. I thought someone might enjoy this. One set is in one twelfth scale and the other has a higher resolution.


  1. wonderful jean,
    The handwriting is beautiful, its a dying art now and its wonderful to find old letters like this.
    I hope you reproduce your old book I would love to see it , being book mad whatever the size !
    julie xx

  2. Thank you Jean :D. If you ever come across any letters written to anyone in India or vice versa during the 1800s, I will really like that :D!

  3. Thanks for sharing yet again Jean..

  4. Jean thanks for your sharing!!!

  5. Oooh wow...thank you very much again for sharing...the professor loves it!

  6. Thank you for the old letter, this will also look nice in my
    french shop!

  7. Thank you everyone for your thank yous, lol. I was so pleased to find that letter in the ceramic section of the book.
    Sans, I will keep my eyes open for anything that might be appropriate.
    Julie, I love the old hand writing too. I always imagine someone sitting relaxed at a writing desk.
    Sabiha, that is great your very talented and well read professor loves it!
    Eva, I'm so pleased you can use it in your French shop.


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