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Sunday, April 19, 2009

More of Titania's Palace, My Tutorial Blog

There was another lower floor plan in on of the books for Titania's fairy Palace with more detail.
Here is also the upper floor plan, I loved the idea of a day nursery and night nursery for the fairy babies. These also have scale charts on them. The second photo is the Palace Facade and the first photo is The Throne Canopy.

I created a new blog a few days ago to post photo tutorials for some of the kits I sell in twelfth and quarter scale. This week I have been enjoying the Yahoo group's Quarter Connection on line convention. I made 53 Quarter Scale tote exchanges, ( QS photo albums) and have been thrilled with all the wonderful totes and conventions favors I received. The tutorial is for my presentation boxes and the workshop I have offered at the convention. http://jdayministutorials.blogspot.com


  1. How wonderful it is seeing these images.It must be even more wonderful to own the books, even just looking at these pictures and the beautifully detailed plans makes you believe that fairies just might have actually inhabited the palace !
    julie xx

  2. You are so lucky to own those books Jean.


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