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Friday, May 1, 2009

Mico Miniature of a French Chocolate Shop

Here are some photos of my micro scale, (1/144 scale or one twelfth of an inch is equal to one foot) French Chocolate Shop. It measures less than two and one half inches in width and is three and one half inches in length. In 2000 I came home from the movie Chocolat and immediately wanted to make a miniature French Chocolate Shop, a version of the one I had loved in the movie.

Grains of sand were used for the cookies, I turned tiny bits of plastic for all the jars, a watch stem for the stool and other watch parts for the containers. I made everything except the tiny metal bucket in the sink. The front of the shop I made with paper clay and I painted it to look like stone with watercolour paints.

Two of these photos are on my web site, but I wanted to try my new camera and lens for more detail. I could get closer but parts are always out of focus, really must read the manual!!

Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to look and leave a comment, that is so kind of you to take the time to do that, I feel like you are all close friends. This is the best mini community ever!!

I have just added a collage photo, it is old but has a better view of the work table. I found a really great tiny watch part for the rolling pin that I remember being very excited about, lol. If you click on the photo you can see a larger picture.


  1. Wow Jeam, This is amazing and so small. You did an amazing job on this. I love it. Chocolate in moderation ya right. Its everywhere Lol. Happy weekend. Mini hugs!

  2. What I meant to say Jean not Jeam. sorry about that. Hugs!

  3. Jean this is simply amazing! I never guessed it was to tiny until I read your description! My eyes would never allow me to do something so small and so detailed! I commend you for your wonderful talent here!

  4. Jean that is incredible.. So tiny and so detailed. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. WOW! Soooo little, so beautiful and detailed! GREAT!
    * marlies

  6. Fantastic! You never cease to amaze me, Jean! Absolutely incredible! *hugs*

  7. Oh my goodness jean...that is so detailed for something that small....absolutely amazing.

  8. Absolutely incredible, Jean! I think my eyes would pop out doing something that tiny.

  9. Beautiful work, Jean!

  10. Hi Everyone,

    My goodness, thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments, you are so generous and kind. I have inherited a tremor and I do find doing somethings more difficult as I'm getting older but I do love micro scale. It has really helped since I cut out coffee and sadly chocolate. I love turning micro vases and jars on the lathe in particular. This scene is definitely Chocolate in moderation, LOL.

    Mini Hugs to you all, Jean

  11. My goodness, JD, this scene is even more detailed than your last 1:144 project. My sis is working on a model of a shop (architectural) in 1:250 and she said there is no way she can put in furniture! Yours is just dumbfoundingly speechlessly mind blowing! I wish I can see the real thing.

  12. Olá Jean!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho incrível!
    Os detalhes estão maravilhosos!

  13. Heya, Jean. I have seen that chocolate shop up close and personal, so I know how awesome it is. Are you planning on attending NAME national in 2010? I hope to go, since I had so much fun in 2002!

    BTW, you have May to blame for leading me to your blog. Love that girl.

  14. Oh Jean that is amazing !
    grains of sand for cookies ! I cant believe the detail you have put into something so tiny yet so perfect. Its amazing that you have thought up ways to replicate items on such a tiny scale.
    Beautiful !!!
    julie xx

  15. Jean these are stunning!Wonderful details!Its always a pleasure seeing your work.

  16. Oh, the patience you must have! And you are so right about this being the best mini community ever, I had never had so much fun with mini's before I started meeting miniaturists in the blogosphere!

  17. I cvould NEVER work so tiny things. It is incredible.

  18. It is fantastic and incredible...
    how is it possible to work that small...wow!

  19. Incredible!!! I admire a lot who work in 1/144 and you make a lot of great things.
    A greeting from a new follower

  20. Oh Jean,
    You are such an awesome artisan. It is amazing, your eye for detail. I do not have the patience I'm afraid. I guess when God said to wait, I thought He said date, and I left to get ready, lol. You look like you are having the time of your life with your blog!!!
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  21. Jean it's fantastic!!! How can you do such tiny things and so perfect!!! I'm really shocked with your worl.
    My congratulations!!!

  22. Jean, spectacular! What a talent you have. How on earth did you do that, LOL? You must have great patience! Thanks for finding me on Twitter, I am enjoying your miniatures!

    krissy knox :)
    visit my main blog: Sometimes I Thinkfollow me on twitter:

  23. OMG! how do you work in such a tiny scale? so much detail - I think if I tried going that small, it would make my eyeballs explode!
    I'm new to blogging but am loving it as I am finding many wonderful artists like yourself, what a brilliant place blogland is :o)

  24. I can´t believe somebody can make something so small and pretty! WOW! Flower shop looks great too!

  25. Ti ho conosciuta per caso, ma le tue creazioni mi ha ipnotizzato…
    sei bravissima chissà quanto tempo ci metti per realizzare queste meraviglie hai qualche segreto da condividere con me ;-)ciaooo rosa


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