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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Micro Miniature Project 5, French Country Flower Shop, Flowers

Really been having a great time with this! Added the front windows, used shrink art plastic and added thin strips of veneer, then glued the window to the back side of the front. Then I rolled out thin pieces of paperclay and built up inside around the windows as I did with the outside.

I rolled out a piece of paperclay with a rubber tile textured piece through the pasta machine and added a patio of the tiny tiles to the side door. There is a photo of the rubber lid opener I found years ago at the dollar store and had to buy it because it looked like tiny tiles. Fortunately it was stored with my pasta machine sort of serindipity not having to find it! After the patio dried I stained it and painted it with Mod Podge to make the tiles look shiny. I made window boxes of paperclay and painted them terracotta with watercolours. I cut tiny bids of bunka and a red pompom and glued them on top for the window box flowers.

You can see in one of the photos the three tiered display with large holders for individual flowers that I have seen in many photos of flower shops in France. Rolled out paperclay and cut out the structures and stacked them, then added holders for the flowers. I have some vintage rayon ribbon in a great green that I frayed and painted with a clear acrylic (water effects). When it dried I cut into pieces and glued the green stems into the holders.

A variety of techniques are going to be used for the flowers. One was mixing the clear acrylic with tiny bits of pompom, I will use flocking too and bits of bunka. I also experimented with cutting tiny pieces of dried paperclay and mixing it with the clear acrylic and made flowers that way, I painted them with mauve and blue watercolours and was pleased with the results, watercolour also worked to paint the pompom mixture. I'm looking forward to making more flowers.

I have a familial tremour that is worse with tea and coffee so I've been trying to avoid those while working on this project, LOL. The flowers might end up stuck to the walls.


  1. You do micro minis with a tremor? Wow! Jean, you're amazing! I do believe you can do anything! :-)

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful so far! I just want to jump in there and start arranging flowers :)

  3. Jean I love the tiered flower stand. The tiny flowers look very convincing.
    Mini Hugs

  4. Ohhh, Jean, this is the best part, decorating the house. I just realise the good thing about 1:144 is you don't ever have to worry about electricity or do you? Your little flower shop is looking real pretty already.Such an inspiration. More plz :).

  5. My goodness Jean! Your micros are just awesome! And you must have so much patience!

  6. Jean, your little shop is so precious! You must have the patience of a saint! Can't wait to see more flowers filling up those shelves!

  7. MiniKat, Yes I do have a tremor, I often find it embarrassing because I look more nervous that I really feel but it isn't serious otherwise. I think it is more my mind that does the minis. My mouse jumps around too, lol. You are so kind!!!

    Kim, How handy that would be, LOL. Your little you could work in there anytime!

    Debbie, thank you very much. I'm so pleased they are starting to look more realistic.

    Sans, I have one micro with electricity but I love the top open to the light, it is so much easier to arrange things that way too.

    Liberty Biberty, I could always do with more patience, I always can't even wait for glue to dry.

    MiniMadWoman, Thank you so much, that is so kind of you. I really am going to enjoy adding more things.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  8. Hello Jean, your micro house is labeled incorrect. Micro means you must use a magnifying glass or microscope in order to view it. This is miniature that you have here and should be labeled thus.

  9. In the last few years the miniature community has labeled designs that are 1/144" scale as micro miniatures. There are micro miniature conventions etc. I understand what you are referring to as micro but in the dollhouse world it has a different meaning. Cheers, Jean

  10. Jean, I am really enjoying reading the posts about this micro flower shop, and I really appreciate the many helpful hints you give along the way. Your work is wonderful and it is fascinating to see a project come together step by step. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Sandie


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