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Monday, August 10, 2009

Photo Challenge

I was sent a photo challenge by Sandra Morris of Tales from a Toy Maker Sandra is always up to something interesting. Apparently I had to go to my photo files and pick file number 4 and then photo number 4, publish it here and explain a bit about the photo. It was really quite fun to see what photo would come up. The photo turned out to be 20090710_4. I took the photo in our back yard in July because I love the translucent look of the poppy petals, they were amazing this year.

Now the second part of my challenge is to pass it on to 4 other blogs to see what photos they choose. I would love all the bloggers to do this challenge but I'm only to pick 4.

I would like send this photo challenge to the following 4 bloggers.
Kat from Little Thoughts from an Average Mind
Kim from Flowers and Art
Linda from Une Petite Folie
Cathy from The Fabulous Farmhouse

When I just looked at this photo enlarged I could see our cat Slippers in the photo, she really blended in well. She is getting older and is such a dear. Therefore I have another challenge for anyone looking at the photo to find Slippers!!!

Mini Hugs, Jean


  1. I can see slippers Jean. Just behind the pot on the left hand side.. Lovely picture of your garden..

  2. Yes, you are the first to spot her Debbie, I will send you a mini book I had in mind for the challenge. She sure looks like she is trying to blend in.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  3. It didn't take long to find Slippers. Cat shapes jump out at me for some reason. She is on the path, on the left-hand side of the picture near the potted tree.

    Your yard looks so pretty! I don't photograph my yard this time of year. Water restrictions keep things looking pretty sad.

  4. Firstly, Jean, it's nice to see you posting again :). I love the picture. This is your backyard??! It's gorgeous! I can't see the cat :) but I have never won any challenge..haha..so it is not surprising . Have I told you already that I love your pic?

  5. I found slippers but I had to enlatge the picture to do it. LOL Your yard is lovely and I am glad you shared that picture. That was a nice challenge and I have seen such interesting pictures becouse of it.

  6. I see Slippers, she is on the gravel path to the left, almost hidden by the wooden pot. I love those Poppies! Do you have others too?

  7. I see Slippers on the gravel pathway, almost hidden by the wooden pot. I love those Poppies! Do you have others?

  8. Jean, glad to see you back! Love the poppies and your beautiful yard. Hope you are well and enjoying life!


  9. It is a pleasure Debbie, so pleased you found her.

    Hi Alice, Cats do jump out at you I'm sure, lol. The poppies are in the strawberry patch that was also really good this year. Sorry about your water restrictions, we have them too now.

    Thanks so much Sans, yes, this is our back yard. We have a great vegetable garden with lots of tomatoes and I'm planting more veggies to last through the year. I'm working hard in the garden and have added many new plantings this year, I'm really enjoying being outside this time of year. I always enjoy reading about your life and minis.

    Hi Doreen, Yes Slippers doesn't show up at all in the smaller photo, lol. I'm enjoying the challenge too, so nice to see what photos come up for people.

    Hi EmeraldCityMiniatures, Yes we have more of these in another part of the yard but all the same colour. We did have a red one for a short time. I really like poppies because they just come up where they like, very sturdy and yet delicate.

    Thanks very much Jody, it was great to see you back too. I'm doing really well thank you. I've been loving gardening this time of year and we have been biking more than ever. Bought a machine embellisher that I've really been enjoying for felting and recycling.

  10. It's a lovely photo, and a lovely cat. The flowers at the background are very beautiful, in Spain their name is "amapolas".

    (Sorry if my english is bad, I'm learning it)

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  12. I've enjoyed looking thru your blog and shop. I love the little hutch with the infant items.

  13. I LOVE this picture...It's just lovely. Aren't you fortunate that it was a great picture?


  14. Aaah dreams of summer! I love poppies, but this color is gorgeous :)

    I have an award for you on my blog, you're welcome to pick it up if you like:


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