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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kit, Kat and Basement Mosaic

Last night I took this close up of our cat Smokey just as he turned around on my lap to look up at me. Was he ever surprised! Hard to tell he is thirteen, he still looks and acts young. Maybe he is getting older if he let me take his photo, lol, he has always been totally camera shy.

The next two photos are of our basement where I store old, vintage cooking utensils and odd pots. The doors shown go into our larder. I painted the old concrete walls years ago and still enjoy them. I loved the way the rocks were showing in the concrete so I enhanced them. The other area is one basement entrance way that I fixed up years ago too, painted the floor, walls and made a mosaic out of broken tiles and ceramics then added odds and ends I have bought through the years for a rustic look, very little cost and it was so much fun. The water fountain does work but it is more useful as a table. We sort out all of our recycling in that room on the other side where there is also a heat pump.

The middle photo is a new Toddler kit I have recently designed to go with the mothers Vintage apron I showed in a previous post. I called it Ginger Spice Apron and it is available from my web site or eBay store. I had fun putting it on an antique paper doll in a paint program. Thought the kit really looked like a Victorian Swim Set. I have shown how I made the vintage, rustic hanger on my tutorial photo blog.


  1. Oh, Jean! What a beautiful basement. I'm afraid mine is mostly concrete walls, concrete floor, an assortment of shelves, cast off hutches and lots of plastic bins and boxes holding lots of stuff! I am trying to get it organized. It's on my to-do list! Along with many other things! This looks like a Spanish grotto (or how I would imagine such a thing would look!). And I love the little toddler outfit!


  2. Hi Jody, Thanks so much for looking. You notice I didn't show photos of the side where we sort out out the recycling, plastic bins etc, lol! I loved painting concrete.

  3. I love your kitty Jean and I LOVE your mosiac and basement walls!!! It is so beautiful!!

  4. Thanks so much Kim, I'm sure Smokey would love you too, but most likely he would run away scared, lol.

  5. The mosaic is a lovely work,it makes the whole room glamorous.Jeannette

  6. What a beautiful photo of your cat! He looks adorable.
    Your basement colours are beautiful too, love that concrete wall.

  7. Thanks very much Josje, Our cat thinks/knows he is adorable too, I feel bad I didn't have a photo of Slippers too, she will be feeling left out.

    Thank you Jeannette, so kind of you.

  8. Hello Jean,
    such a wonderful basement, I always wanted one but they arent a common feature in english houses.
    Smokey is a handsome boy thats such a nice candid shot of him :0)
    Love your new kit too, very pretty,
    julie xxx

  9. Su gato se partece al mio, bonita foto.
    El mosaico está genial!

  10. That's a lovely pic of your cat Jean.
    And what a beautiful basement!

  11. Thank you so much Julie about the basement, kit & cat. Basements aren't being built as deep in the newer homes, we have had dance parties in the room beside the entrance and you can't hear the noise outside at all, very handy.

    Thank you Mercedes and Teresa, so nice of you to drop by, here is a virtual tea.

  12. There is an award for you on my blog, please go and collect it.

  13. What a lovely basement, and the lion with the mosaic was just awesome!!!! I love Items decorated with lion heads :)

  14. Kim, When I said he would run away scared I didn't mean you were scary, just in case you read my message that way!! He is scared of everyone. I really should watch how I express myself better!!


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