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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Garden Continued, Front Garden

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments about our garden, I thought this week I would show you our front garden and a couple of different views of our back garden and atrium, which is an indoor eating area shown above.

Here is a small display area I put in the back to display all of the old rusty gardening tools I found that used to belong to John's and my parents. I love rusty old things, there past and especially for their gorgeous patina. I love the red spade, if you click and look at it closely it has the most beautiful colour variations. The two old doors we found abandoned one year.

You might notice in the second photo above all of the doors, there are six large doors and two windows that open into the atrium. The atrium is two stories heigh with large sky lights and a water feature. It has two balconies inside that over look the eating area and was built between the addition we added and the older part of the house, lovely area to sit.
This is my favorite place to sit in the summer in the back. The next photos are towards the front of the house.

You can see the rock garden area in the fourth photo I did out front last year by the pink azalias, I put in small heather,  heucheras, euphorbias and ground covers. The azaleas were all overgrown with other plants that we pulled out, so much fun to redo areas. All the green with yellow flowers are the kale which has gone to seed that we have been eating all winter, nice flowers.  I planted the area by the drive way last year as well. We had new tiles put on our front steps and entrance so you can see new thymes and sedums I've put on the side path to the entrance and around the frog, by next year hopefully it will be all green. The rest of the front yard is a mound with rhodos and grass. I hope to show photos when all the flowers are out in the summer, if I ever get my dahlias planted, lol, hopefully tomorrow and next week. If I say it maybe I will do it?


  1. WOW Jean, you have the most beautiful garden!!! I love your outside dining area it looks like a fantastic entertaining space & I have serious garden envy :o( I doubt I could ever achieve anything as spectacular as you have. It must take you forever to weed though?

  2. OMG what a garden and WHAT A HOUSE! I love your entertainment area and all the stone paving, everything looks so clean and well taken care of - I truly envy you as my garden, terrace (and house) is a constant mess with this family and the dogs... :D

    You've done some hard work in the garden, I love the heucheras and the yellowish grass, fab :)


  3. I am sorry I missed your earlier garden post, but I have enjoyed looking back at it now, together with the new pictures. WOW...what a lovely garden!!!! I specially love the rock garden part with the sedum's and thyme..the way you have planted around the steps...o it is all so lovely!!!
    Seing your picture makes me remember the garden I once owned...I miss it!!
    I love the look of the house and the eating area is so nice! And I absolutely understand why the hammock is your favorite place :))))
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
    Synnøve :)

  4. Oh Jean! What a dream of a garden you have! :) It's beautiful, so many little spaces where I can imagine the joy you get from seeing them and walking through them.
    The dining area looks so cozy too. Mine is darker and it's my dream to have a place to eat with natural light.

  5. Hi Wendie, Thank you very much! That is a indoor atrium where we eat in the summer, it is not a heated space but it does get nice and warm in the summer from the sky lights and windows. You are right it is great for entertaining. All the ground covers really help stop the weeds too. Thanks again!

  6. Ira, Thank you, so nice of you to say... I would love dogs!

    I like the grasses too but sometimes I look at them and want to do a bunch of smaller plantings, guess I like to turn everything into miniature, lol.

  7. Thank you Synnove, so nice of you! I grew up with quite a few rock garden areas and always wanted to give it a try too. It has been a great experience. The swing/hammock is wonderful, the gentile rocking is so relaxing and the sun comes around that side just when I want a break.
    Thanks so much for dropping by!

  8. Maia, Thank you very much, the natural light in the atrium is really lovely. We have breakfast in the atrium in the summer months. It has really interesting lighting for the evening too, on the walls and under the overhanging areas.

  9. Jean, no you wouldn't :D They walk throug my flower bed, have eaten one cherry tree and one decorative apple tree, dig holes in the grass, poop in my flower bedsm can't have any evergreens as the boys pee on them... no you don't want any, at least this kind that we have, go for a mini dog :D

  10. Thanks for sharing the photographs of your beautiful garden and home. Alas I have no plants left in my Garden as the Ponies thought they were to tasty to leave alone..LOL xxx

  11. Beautiful photos Jean, I love the rusty tools!
    Gorgeous rock garden. We lived in a lot of different houses when I was little but my mother always made a rock garden and it was always the best place to take my little dolls exploring!

  12. Jean- absolutely stunning! I am so glad you are sharing all of this with us- I wish I could tour it in person as I am sure it is even more incredible up close! I would be down on my hands and knees examining everything! I love the area with the rusty tools and old door- I have found lots of interesting and rusty treasures on my land also, and I keep and love them all. Some of the old farmers here don't get it though- to them it is for the "trash pit" :) To me it is a story of my homes past.

  13. Ira, LOL, I do remember our old dogs as well, mini dogs do have their advantages, mini dogs staying young forever has always been my favorite.

  14. Thank you so much Debbie, it would be very hard for me to deny your wonderful ponies delicious flowery treats. Many people in Victoria have problems with deer eating all of their plants, even roses, but our back yard is rather difficult to get too. Last year we did have a couple resting in our back yard on a grassy area but they left quite quickly. It can be a problem sharing.

  15. Liberty, I love the rusty tools too, anything rusty, I have chains, old paint brushes and other rusty pieces I've found on the beach tucked away in the garden. That is so great you loved the rock gardens, they were wonderful mini areas, probably why I love them now. Thank you so much for looking.

  16. My dear Jean, I only can dream about a garden that big and beautiful!!!! It is amazing, and I love it very much!


  17. Jean, they look like pictures from Home & Garden!! Magnificent! No wonder you didn't have time for blogging much when you had to work on this paradise on earth! It's a pity the weather in Singapore together with mosquitoes are just not conducive to us spending time in the garden..lol..ya, that's just an excuse :). I am so unmotivated where gardening is concerned. To think I really wanted to build a Zen garden when I first moved in. Did not even lift a single rock!

    Love every little bit of your garden. You and Ira are now my garden heroines.

  18. Jean, congratulations for having such a lovely garden and flowers!!!
    It's like living in a paradise!!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!
    Warm regards,

  19. He encontrado vuestro blog de casualidad y me he enamorado de vuestro jardín.
    Es una preciosidad y cada uno de los rincones invita a perderse.
    Las fotos de las orquideas son fantasticas, es una flor elegante y delicada, me encanta.
    Con vuestro permiso voy ha hacerme seguidora.
    Gracias por compartir estas maravillosas fotos.
    Besitos, May

    I found your blog by chance and I love your garden.
    It is a treasure and each of the corners invited to be lost.
    The photos of the orchids are fantastic, it is elegant and delicate flower, I love it.
    With your permission I have become a follower.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.
    Kisses, May


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