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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Garden

Each morning, rain or shine I like to get out to see our backyard garden and do a garden walk. After filling the bird feeder I thought I would take some photos to share. Last year I really started taking more of an interest in gardening during the time I took off from my minis business and I replanted many areas that had been overgrown and neglected. I had a wonderful time and this year, it even more exciting because I can see how all my babies (new plants) have grown.
I'm starting at the studio back door.
This small area I call the meditation area where I planted sedum and other ground covers.

I planted lots of sedum, thyme and ground covers around the stone stairs.

John loves gardening too and you can see his vegetable plantings and the ones that have gone through the year. Last year I became very interested in having vegetables from our garden all year so I planted very late crops, I did get tired  of having so many green vegetables during the winter but they are very healthy, lol. Our squashes were my favorite so we have planted a lot more this year. If we could just get the slugs to leave them alone it would help! You can see one of the studio windows, I've really been enjoying watching the bird feeder in one of the apple trees while I work.

I love this new area, we had a huge flax plant that was not doing well so we removed it and I moved a few rocks to create a small rock garden with sedums and my favorite heuchera called Marmalade. The wooly thyme is really filling in around the walking stones already.
This area didn't have anything going on so I built up the rocks and added heurcheras and sedums. The reason I chose these plants is because they look great all year round and are very hardy. There are also tiny sassafras that are in bloom now, I love them with their tiny mini blooms.

This area just had some old lavender that was over grown and had died, we have about five other lavender plants on the other side of the path which are done really doing well. This was a really fun area to work on and I love the way the sedums have done so well and the wooly thyme has filled in around the steps. I found the concrete chimney liners for two dollars each and I think they have made very nice planters. There is a delphinium in another container just poking it's head around the corner.
Here you can see the chintz thyme with really goes with the pinky/mauve wallflower.

Morning dew drops on the hostas.

Must get out and plant the dahlias, my neighbor has all 450 of hers in already!!


  1. You have a wonderful garden Jean. Please shar emore as it grows this year.

  2. Que maravilla de jardin, enhorabuena es una preciosidad!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Thank you so much Cheryl and Ascension.

    Cheryl, I loved all the fragrant plants when we visited Maui, I went crazy taking photos, you must love it there, I would never want to be inside the house, lol.

  4. What a lovely garden! I, too am fond of sedums.
    They are easy to maintain and cover up so many of my boo-boos! The hens and chicks multiply in a way that I find fascinating. I'm eager to try to recreate them in miniature. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden!

  5. What a wonderful garden, very thoughtful planting thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. Oh WOW Jean!! What a gorgeous garden you have, I'd be spending time in the garden every day as well if it were mine. It's like a little slice of paradise.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Jean, Your garden is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  8. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! What a truely wonderful place to take a stroll with a nice cool lemonade in hand to sip on! A sit on the bench to take it all in.....just wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. Carolyn

  9. You such a beautiful garden, Jean!

    I just love lavender! I've often thought about planting an herb garden but I have to be honest, gardening is not my thing :) and I know they'd all die, LOL


  10. Very pretty - and also a little strange because I thought I was looking at my sister's garden! Some of the views are very like part of her garden.

  11. Jean, your garden is pure heaven! Beautiful!

  12. Jean, thank you for the tour of your beautiful garden! It's all lovely. We keep working on our small farm and around the house every year. This year, we planted azaleas in various spots and also planted foundation shrubs in front of the house--after living here 10 years!


  13. So so pretty Jean. I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Hugs~ Kim

  14. Your garden looks so nice, I love the sedums and thymes, they look wonderful :) And I love the Marmelade also, it's just really difficult to get it to live here in Finland :( The normal green one and Purple Palace grow well, but all the little different coloured ones don't do so well.

    Beautiful and so clean, I'm drowning to weeds here... :D


  15. How nice....
    It's a big and beautiful garden that you have,i like it very much!


  16. You've got a beautiful and big garden. Mine is very tiny, but I'm happy because one iris is blooming.

  17. If my garden is just a fraction of yours, I don't think I will pick up minis :) or have time for them .

    Jean, your hard work has truly paid off. I suspect one day I may very well pick up gardening. Must be so heartening to see your babies bloom.

    I also have to tell you that all your pictures blow up real nicely. They make great wallpapers for your computer.

  18. wow wow wow!!!
    You have a great garden, i love it!!! Smells like summer!

  19. It is all wonderful but I particularly love the ferns. What kind of squashdo you grow? Thanks CM

  20. Thank you so much everyone!

    We had our front steps refinished so there is an area out front I am going to work on, I will post photos of the front areas too, so pleased you were interested.

    Ira, I have found the lighter sedums haven't worked well outside in our yard either, I'm thinking of bringing them into our atrium.
    Sans, that is so lovely you have thought of my garden for a computer wall paper, you can visit me then, virtually.
    The squashes we grew CM were acorn squash and one plant gave us so many.

    Thanks again everyone, Mini Hugs, Jean


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