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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Steampunk Inspriation Board and September's AIM

For Septembers AIM, Artisan In Miniature, free on line magazine, I designed a Steampunk Inspiration board with antique and vintage images from my collection of antique books and magazines to accompany my article. Some of my favorite images were from a French card collection book and others from popular science monthlies from the 20s.
Also included is a photo of a Steam machine I took while visiting a Steam show. It was really fun to embellish it too.

AIM Magazine for September is out!! Ive been busier and happier than ever organizing some articles for it and formatting others. One article is about Steampunk, another is Smaller Scales where you can see many fabulous micro mini shops by Patricia Paul and Francesca Vernuccio, they are all spectacular. I also wrote an article about miniature Noahs Arks and there are fabulous examples by Patricia Paul, Linda Master and my own Noahs Ark kits and mini books. There are also some free miniature printable books at the end of the article.  

I am really sorry I have not been spending much time in blog land, Ive been getting acquainted with a new paint program and with an active mini business, life just goes so quickly, or maybe that is because I am getting old. My husband and I celebrated our 38th anniversary on Thursday!. Hope you are all enjoying life, I love to hear from you.! I like this new font but it does not make apostrophes!

AIM Mag Issue 26 September 2010


  1. I like your steam punk article very much, Jean, very inspiring!
    Love, Susanne

  2. That poster is just awesome, Jean! I will go read the issue :). Thanks for the great work!

  3. Un trabajo realmente impresionante.!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Una idea muy buena con un resultado excelente.
    Besitos, May


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