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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions or Not


  1. Thank you for sharing. :) All your resolutions sound interesting, good, creative... I specially liked number 5 and number 9 and look forward to seeing your new creations on your blog.

  2. I love the fact that you have added time to dream! I always feel a bit guilty about all my daydreaming but it is an important part of creativity so we need to embrace it! Thanks for sharing your list-it inspires me!

  3. I love your list, it is quite ambicious!!! I think mine is much shorter then your LOL
    Love from Lisbon

  4. Hi Jean,

    In lieu of a list, I think I am going to just adopt yours (especially number 4!). Most of your resolutions can be applied to my life! Except, my mother in law does not write poetry, and there is no way that I am going to get involved in recipes, my mother's or grandmothers!

    Number 1, thank goodness I am already on top of it! I get up every morning at 5 am and walk for 45 minutes (am I a good girl!)

    But as for the rest, it will be hard work.

    GOOD LUCK on 'OUR' New Year's resolutions... oh and a very happy New Year to you!


  5. I read on Sandra Morris' blog that resolutions are things you do in the 1st week of a new year :):)

    But I like your list, Jean :). Was just going to say I will just use yours till Lize hijacked it from me . Uncannily, I too have no grandma who can write poetry :).

  6. Es el mejor momento del año para pensr y hacer lista de deseos... si son todos en beneficio propio, como los tuyos ... seguro que se pueden cumplir! Yo los hago mios " casi todos" ...menos el 6 y el 8 ...Te deseo un provechoso Año Nuevo . Mariajo


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