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Thursday, February 3, 2011

AIM Artisans in Miniature free Magazine is out for February!

I'm so proud to be part of AIM magazine and involved with such fabulous artisans who have contributed to my favorite topic of Shabby Chic this month. I'm sure you will love it!
AIM mag issue 31 February 2011

Cheers, Jean


  1. Congrats Jean, with the publication in AIM magazine....you are that fabulous artisan yourself and I think they are proud they stand beside you!


  2. Hi Sabiha, That is so kind of you to say. I have really enjoyed being on the editorial team so much, formatting articles, projects and coordinating Smaller Scales and now the Gallery. It gives me a chance to use all of the scrapbooking designs I've been playing with for years but never had a chance to try out in public,LOL. *Jean

  3. You can be proud, Jean! And I am happy when I can read books online, as the 'small' magazines are not available on the shelves!
    Are you also struggling under the snow this year? It seems where it is not snowing they have floods. We even had floods in the desert! & Several people dead...

  4. The magazine looks really good, thanks for your generosity in sharing. I'd love a copy but I won't sign up to scribd. Is there nay other way of obtaining a download please?

  5. Hi Lize, I'm so pleased you enjoy the magazine. I love looking at all the magazines on line too. We haven't had any snow this year. We don't usually get snow here and the weather has been very moderate. We get the Japanese current on the coast and have been above normal but spring is supposed to be late this year for some reason. It is so wonderful to see you are back blogging!!! I'm sorry about your floods, that can be so devastating! *Jean

  6. Hi Rosie, Signing up for Scribd is the only way to download the magazine, I haven't heard of any problems signing up with them. They also have other interesting magazines and articles to download. *Jean


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