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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hild-Tove Hellander Aslaksen's Baby Girl's Roombox

Hild-Tove Hellander Aslaksen from Norway has recently created this wonderful Baby Girl's Roombox where I was delighted to see she used my baby fabric panel kits. I found her photos on facebook and she generously offered to share them with me so I could show them to you. She has done such a fabulous job with this room box, I love all of her tiny details in this display.

The kits she used included: Precious Pink, Noah's Ark, Sunrise Jumper and Blouse, (she added a lovely buckle to the design), Pink Hearts 'n Flowers and Pink Rompers. Thanks so much Hild-Tove!!

Hugs to everyone, Jean

I just had to add this photo of our Slippers, who in now nearly 15. She had her tail wrapped around her favorite toy. Casey's most recent blog  http://caseymini.blogspot.com/  showed her cat, Widget. He reminded me so much of Slippers, when she was younger, small world, lol. Smokey, not shown is Slipper's younger brother and he looks much like Widget too.


  1. Es una escena preciosa y muy dulce.Felicidades

  2. It must give you such a wonderful feeling when you see your work displayed so beautifully.

  3. What a wonderful display!
    And I love your kitty!

  4. Jean, they do look somewhat alike...How much does Slippers weigh? Widget is about 15 pounds now.Just a growing boy of 11 years.

  5. Die Babysachen sehen wirklich sehr hübsch aus... und dann in einer Box drapiert.... wirklich allerliebst anzuschauen.

    Was mir immer wieder auffällt, Viele von uns haben Katzen als Haustiere.... und sie sind alle zusammen immer wieder ein liebes Kleinod in unserem Leben... und wir zeigen sie gerne auf unseren Blogs. Ein wirklich nettes Bild... ich musste lächeln!

    Noch einen schönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße


  6. Es hermosa!!!!!! Los vestidos me encantan! ( =

  7. Your fabric kits are lovely and the roombox is just peferct for them. Congratulations for both!

  8. Just started blogging and discovered your lovely blogs and ebay store. Your work is the greatest.


  9. Es una escena muy bonita llena de bellos detalles!!!


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