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Monday, October 17, 2011

Georgia Murray, Tony Day & band meeting John Mann on Cover Me Canada Set.

I was very excited to see Georgia, Tony and their band in this video of their visit with John Mann from the band Spirit of the West. They had a short visit with him last week as he explained how his song "Home for a Rest" was inspired. Very good story and so funny!

Cover Me Canada was a good show last night and I enjoyed all the performers but really missed Georgia Murray and her band performing. They have tremendous energy! It was also sad to see another band being removed from the show but there will be a winner!

This video is Jordan Knight, one of the judges on Cover Me Canada as he answers questions he has been asked about the show. With his years on stage he has been good at giving advice. Pleased to hear that Georgia surprised him on the show with his suggestion to up her style or as Jordan would say she "flipped her steelo".

Hugs, Jean

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