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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Printable Miniature Doll or Baby Quilt and Bag

While I was going through my files, I found a Mother Goose quilt and bag I designed, as you can see in 2003 and never did anything with the design so I thought I would offer it to you as a free printable. You can take this image into a print program and print it out for a one twelfth scale dollhouse quilt of whatever size you would like. I designed the quilt pattern and the Mother Goose image was from my antique children`s book. Print it onto an iron on transfer and then iron it onto fabric. Stitch other fabric as a backing and put a piece of flannel for the padding. The bag is simple, fold, glue or stitch to gussets, add the image to make a pocket and glue on either one or two straps. Sorry I don`t have a photo, if I can find it, I will add it soon. I should also mention I have a 30% off some of my fabric kits in my Ebay, Hugs, Jean


  1. Das ist wirklich ein hübsches Bild... vielen Dank dafür. Kann ich bestimmt gebrauchen.

    Schicke ganz liebe Grüße mit

    PuNo / Monika

  2. I'm so pleased you can use it Monika, thank you very much for looking!!

  3. this is adorable Jean- you are so kind ♥ Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  4. Kim, That is so nice of you to have a look. All the very best for the coming year!


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