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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Behind the Door

I took photos of one of my old doors this morning, I have always loved, rust, crackled paint and patina. We found two of these doors about 12 yrs ago behind a house that was being demolished and the contractor let us take them home. Since then I have used them in a variety of areas in our house as a folded screen and now they are sitting against our atrium wall with old garden tools and a rusted old bird cage in front. I thought these close up photos made a lovely statement on their own. It is fun to imaging the door handle to a kitchen which will open to the smells of dinner with laughter and anticipation of getting together to exchange the days topics. My dad always used to challenge me with questions at the dinner table and had me look up words in the dictionary if I was using words incorrectly... I always enjoyed those times.


  1. Jean, what a lovely posting! These are such beautiful old doors; they have aged so nicely. These are effects that I use in all of my miniature buildings. If things are well-loved and well-used, they will look even better with age. Your comments about your father brought back a memory of mine --- the kitchen table was where he always showed us his old miniature steam engines. Oh, how I wish I had them. I don't know what happened to his stuff.

  2. Dear Jean, you need to keep that door like a precious jewel, it is ... <3 The handle is very nice, too.

  3. Beautiful images Jean...rust, crackled paint and patina....all music to my ears. A bientot.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing my love of old beautiful things and especially for taking the time to leave a comment.


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