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Monday, August 20, 2012

Miniature Monday, Baby Shop, "Nursery Blessings"

I designed this room box years ago, probably late 80's to look like a small portion of a baby store that I called "Nursery Blessings". It has been up on my web site for years but I thought I would share it on my blog too as well as close up photos of some of the items.  When I went to mini shows I would collect lovely crochet and knit outfits mostly by Cheri Sandall and some by Anne Hart, Jo Whale and Judy Lauson.  The wonderful teddy in the chair or in front of the lace bassinet in the new photo is by Thelma Michaud and the darling elephant is by Nora Walker both of Victoria. Lori Ann Potts from Vancouver made the sweet, tiny musical ducky and pink fimo elephant bank. Always love Lori's minis.

The top photo is a close up of the white porcelain baby ornaments I used to make and sell... elephants, bunnies, lambs, stacking toys etc. I used to have many of the porcelain designs in four sizes so people could purchase sets, I'm please I kept a few but I do still have the molds I made of my sculpts. I also enjoyed making all of the gift boxes, one is a knitting box and another other is a baby powder vintage set. Also enjoyed making the fimo bears etc, magazines or books and all of the oils, bottles and toiletries. The photo in the middle is one of my favorite baby purchases in a small tin of a moon and tiny babies all sculpted in porcelain by Chris Okubo, fabulous work and I recently found out that she sells on eBay under her shop name CreationCottage, she did the tiniest work in porcelain I've ever seen. I bought one quarterscale roly poly toy from her and very quickly lost it, I'm sure it just blew away it was so tiny, sigh!! I also made the lace bassinet with antique lace. Sorry the close up photos are so blurry, I should have put on my close up lens.


  1. So sweet and charming! A blessing indeed to see this room box!

  2. Wow, your baby shop is awesome! I love all the precious details!

  3. Wow fantastic baby shop. I love all the wonderful details.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Thank you very much everyone, so kind of you, I had so much fun working on it.

  5. Hi Jean,
    Wondeful details! The baby clothes are so cute! And I love all the bottles and teddies!

  6. I love your baby shop! I wish I could fit as many lovely items into my nursery box scene, but the room box isn't very big, and I don't have a lot to spend on furnishing it! If only I could learn to knit in miniature super quickly!

  7. That is ADORABLE! Love it!
    Tracy M.


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