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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sharing Saturday, My Grandmother's Crochet Pattern, mini doll coat

After I had posted my grandmother's mending bag last Sunday, I remembered her doll coat pattern I found in a sewing box as well. She used to make doll coats for my dolls with this pattern and I would get so excited. She lived with us for quite a few years and I was always so pleased to have her with us. I thought the way she made a sample and attached a card with her directions was such a great idea and the tag reminded me of all the scrapbooking tags that are popular. I included a crocheted doll coat I made to display is a room box under the Christmas tree, it is about halfscale. I was thinking of her pattern when I made it but didn't have the design quite right so I was really pleased to find her actual sample.

Here is the pattern, which could be adapted to minis if you can understand it.
Make a chain of 56 and that makes 13 points. 12 rows, 3 for each sleeve, 3 for back and 2 for each front.

I'm excited....we have been invited to go to a Steampunk picnic at Beacon Hill park tomorrow afternoon. It should be quite Victorian with cucumber sandwiches and croquet.


  1. Another treasure, Jean. Lovely post. My grandmother was quite a needleworker, too. A few pieces survived, mostly dresser scarves that were embroidered and then edged in crochet. There's a baby blanket, too, that she knitted for my son back in 1972. Precious things.

  2. You are so lucky to have those dear mementos that your Grandmother made! The little crocheted coat that you made is darling! Do you sell them? What size doll would be able to wear them? I'd love to see a picture of a doll wearing your mini coat and hat!
    ~ Janet MacDonald in Victoria

  3. Hi Janet and Mary Ann, So lovely of both of you to comment. Mary Ann, it must be so lovely to have you to have the baby blanket your grandmother crocheted. Janet, thank you about the crochet, I used to sell crocheted mini hats and handbags years ago but not this set, it was more for display but it would fit a half scale doll or a doll for a dollhouse child. Cheers, Jean


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