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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sharing Sunday, My Grandmother's Sewing Bag

I know, this is a very unusual photo!! When I was going through my sewing room trying desperately to organize it, I came across my grandmother's old sewing bag. I had kept it as it was because I loved my grandmother and thought it was fun just to keep everything as she had left it. Now, since I'm in a simplifying my life and clearing away mode, I dumped all of the tangled odds and ends on the table and was going to toss out much of it as garbage. 

Suddenly I felt very bad and if I had lived through the depression as my grandmother did or if I was really environmental, as I always claim to be, I would be trying to make good use of everything. I did think everything made a lovely design for a photo. The bag appears to be from the 1920's because of the design. Everything is really quite beautiful as individual items. My grandmother always wore a girdle; since she was from Scotland she could pronounce girdle so much better than I can. Loved the girdle clip odds and ends, very handy if one breaks, lots of elastic bits and a few pearly buttons. The top left corner shows scraps of dress fabric and it is really a raggety piece, really don't know what she might have done with that piece, wish I could ask her. There was a real treasure of my grandfather's initial stamp A T made of metal and he used it to stamp his initials into his beautiful inlaid wooden pieces.

Today is not the day I will get rid of most of these odds and ends, I'm going to put them all back in the bag and wait for another day.


  1. Muchos tesoros amados. Muchos recuerdos, gracias por compartir esat foto
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  2. Thank you very much Robin and Rosamargarita for visiting and especially for leaving a comment.

    Rosamargarita I agree about the verifications, sometimes I have to do them 3 times because I can't figure them out, blog comments shouldn't be that difficult to leave.

  3. Special things evoke such memories.

  4. I'm glad you aren't discarding your grandmothers little treasures! I have my grandmothers sewing basket containing a lot of odds and ends similar to yours, it is one of my greatest treasures and I love to show the grandkids and tell them about each thing, some of which are rarely seen these days. I love to handle things that were touched by my Nanna, it brings her back to me every time.

  5. Oh don't throw them out you might regret it. I don't have anything like that from grandparents, only knew my mother's mum, the others were gone before I was born. But I have kept lots of my mum's sewing things etc, some quite old. I remember those suspender belt items (that dates me doesn't it). Nice photo.

  6. Definitely the bag is a keep. It's is so sweet to look at someone's whom we loved belongings, like having them next to us for a few seconds.
    Have a nice day, Rosanna

  7. You and me both, JD :). I am always thinking of de-cluttering but sentimentality always triumphs :):).

    I will never be able to throw away these precious keepsake :).

  8. What a sweet little find. Like something that was stopped in time. I would have also put it all back in the bag and left it just as it was. I have my grandmother's watch and at some point in time the band must have broke and she repaired it with thread. Kinda of a sad little thing. I could easily take the thread off and wear it as it's a beautiful watch. But I kinda like it just like it is. And the thread will stay forever... as some things should. :)

  9. I love that picture! My Grandma was born in London and came to Canada as a war bride.
    I love walking through the local Antique Mall and searching out "treasures". The purse is worth holding onto!

  10. That makes me feel so wonderful being surrounded by fiends who are sentimental too. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for taking the time to leave them. My grandmother was born in 1887 and I'm sure if she were around today she would love to hear from each of you too. I do wish time would stand still sometimes, especially the older I get but then I think of all the beautiful babies being born.


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