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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday Steampunk Picnic in Beacon Hill Park

Here are some photos I took of the Steampunk Picnic on Sunday in Beacon Hill Park. We had a wonderful time. Brigid Skelton organized it, she is better know as Calliope Rose Handcar Jones (pouring tea bottom left). All of the costumes were so interesting and very Steampunk, especially the hats. She brought her gramophone and her son Morgan played songs all afternoon. There was croquet, bocci ball and lots of food, cucumber, butter and egg sandwiches and other goodies everyone brought. There were more people than are shown in the photos as they came later. We had a visit by a love peacock too. I thought I would post the coloured photo too, aren't we so lucky to have coloured photos now!!


  1. Your photo of the Steampunk group picnic in Beacon Hill Park is very nice. I just discovered your blog about miniatures! I like making minis, too, and I live in Victoria, B.C! I'd like to meet you, if possible.

    ~Janet MacDonald

  2. Thank you Janet for your message, that is great you enjoy minis too.. You might like to join the Victoria Small Endeavors miniature club, lots of great people and projects. I haven't belonged for years because John and I are always busy with dancing and our miniature business. Cheers, Jean

  3. Simpática foto
    Me gusta mucho tu blog

  4. I love these little gatherings. They are fun, we have some in Prague too, check my report if interested :)


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