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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tradecard Tuesday, freebie Tradecard on new blog

I was so excited to receive this antique box filled with over 350 French Chocolate trade cards and scraps from a dealer in France.  "de 350 chromos, images etc... en majorité sur le thème du chocolat, un grand nombre de Chicorée Arlatte et Compagnie, la Chicorée A la Boulangère, chocolaterie de l'Univers, Chocolats Guérin-Boutron, chocolats Payraud, Alcool Ricqlès..
Imagine how excited young children must have been to collect all the tradecards offered with the chocolates. Just like I enjoy Kinder Surprise hoping for a toy suitable for miniatures!

It was so much fun to organize all of the tradecards and see what surprises the box actually held. Many were historial, famous men and battles but many were my favorite theme of youngsters, ladies, businesses and other interesting topics. I hadn't realized I was to receive the box as well so that was fabulous. I created to digital downloads for my Etsy shop from the logo which I thought was so beautiful and the cover which is a great colour and design. It was very interesting reading about the history of Revillon Chocolate Bars and I found a great video as well called "La fabrication du chocolat "Révillon" à Lyon" which you can see here http://youtu.be/m3QrY9HsgS0
I find I learn so many new things from what I collect.

The Romeo and Juliette Trade Card image shown above up soon on my new free digital download's blog for you to save if you can use the image http://jdaydigitaldesigns.blogspot.ca or you can download it through a link for a much higher resolution. I will be adding more trade cards to my Etsy store too.


  1. A beautiful find, Jean! This is really special.

  2. These old cards are lovely Jean, thanks for sharing them, I must explore more.
    And thanks for your recent comment on my blog, I think you are right about Mathilde attracting men to the store, but she will nay need a more suitable outfit, something a little less 'flirtatious'.

  3. Hi Mary Ann, I thought so too, what fun to go through each of the images too. Thank you so much for visiting again and leaving a comment.

  4. Hi Margaret, LOL, how about coveralls or overalls, that might be a turn off. After all of your lovely work with the flowers you probably don't want them selling to fast thanks to her flirtatious nature. Thank you for your comments.


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